Tylerkmoore1 Prije 21 sat
3:19 Social Darwinism and nationalism are great and all, but just to be clear I wasn't suggesting you commit genocide or anything. Let's hope no one who will be of major historical significance is absent from this particular lesson. By the way, has anyone seen Adolf? Absolutely Genius
maxi6500 maxi6500
maxi6500 maxi6500 Prije 21 sat
he is right though what is free and fair if this isnt 4:18 lol
Gabriel V
Gabriel V Prije 21 sat
Can you please make a video about kingdom of shs and yugoslavia(and all wars about it.
DjtheBEAST248 Prije 22 sati
This is funny
Max Tavakley
Max Tavakley Prije 22 sati
They really had to fLEE
thibautisserant Prije 22 sati
Jesus Christ, that forced confession scene needed censorship ! I wasn't ready for such gruesomeness !
Lina Yap
Lina Yap Prije 22 sati
Edward Sawtell
Edward Sawtell Prije 22 sati
Somebody better do something about these Germans! They seem serious!
Arshyan Yuri
Arshyan Yuri Prije 22 sati
Main reason was that Germany had no great ally . Whereas Allies had two superpowers supporting them great powers British and France. How would Germany stand a chance, think about it lol. It was an absolute defeat from the beginning when France and Britain declared war.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Prije 22 sati
I like history
Naveen V
Naveen V Prije 22 sati
They start "cold War", because they're not " Cool "???
ALMY Prije 22 sati
Can you do a video about the African Independence Struggle need good explanation for school
Naveen V
Naveen V Prije 22 sati
India was drinking tea watching all this shit
IndianGamerDude Prije 22 sati
No computers on ww2 so Churcil can't go to skillshare LIKE PLS
Justin Weisberg
Justin Weisberg Prije 23 sati
Trump when he lost the election 🗳 15:43
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Dev Pandey 9B Prije 23 sati
India fan dude.
Alexi Williams
Alexi Williams Prije 23 sati
WW2 Oversimplified *SOVIET ANTHEM PLAYS*
ADee SHuPA Prije 23 sati
17:00 ~ 18:00
Brendan W
Brendan W Prije 23 sati
kinda funny that the Republican Party, founded Abraham Lincoln, became the party of imposing Racism
wilson blauheuer
wilson blauheuer Prije dan
04:00 the family doctor, who hitler felt confident to oversee his mortally ill mother's last months, was a jew. So much for hitler being a rabid antisemite. He become one later, when he saw the vile things they did as a group to the country of Germany.
wilson blauheuer
wilson blauheuer Prije dan
Oversimplified your name should be Uber Simpleton. You spelled cemetery wrong. A grammar school spelling error. Who the hell are you to explain anything when you cannot even spell as an adult?
Anthonyeet Prije dan
Germany:The trouble maker British:the one who hoarders all the tables France:surrenders first in any game Italy:the one who switch sides to win. A-h:the friend of the troublemaker who gets in trouble for the friend Us:the one late to class Switzerland:the one who stays neutral Russia:the one who has the best at the game
Prabha Shukla
Prabha Shukla Prije dan
Let me share someone’s life history with you. This was a man who failed in business at the age of 21; was defeated in a legislative race at age 22; failed again in business at age 24; overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26; had a nervous breakdown at age 27; lost a congressional race at age 34; lost a senatorial race at age 45; failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47; lost a senatorial race at age 49; and was elected president of the United States at age 52. This man was Abraham Lincoln.
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Lee was a fucking beast
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You need to post waayyyyyy more often
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Sherwin Gonsalves Prije 21 sat
He wants to but he is a single man and animation and drawing takes time
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Oversimplified: Henry married for love Henry: has 6 wives
Ruth Gandhi
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cab driver takes wrong turn: 17 million people dead, 20 million injured
TheBigcatfish101 Prije dan
High as hell 😂
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sub to pro dangler
通りすがりのぺてん師 Prije dan
日本の戦争はあなたたちに占領された国を助けるための聖戦だった ghqの作った歴史なんて習いたくなかった
SlimyKlerburt Prije dan
8:23 when u sell ur own son to slavery
SlimyKlerburt Prije dan
8:23 when u sell ur own son to slavery
NIKHIL RAI Prije dan
NIKHIL RAI Prije dan
Please make new video
Uchennabruv boi
Uchennabruv boi Prije dan
7:19 why couldnt all kings and queens be like this
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Your better than my history teacher 😂
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4:49 Just a rich kid that is throwing a massive tantrum
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He is two weeks late. I'm panicking
Daniel Sgro
Daniel Sgro Prije dan
y'all we got rick-rolled at 0:21 the bird is saying: "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down"
Daniel Sgro
Daniel Sgro Prije dan
Colonists: (spill some tea in the harbor) British: "This enraged the British, who punished them severely."
Daniel Sideno
Daniel Sideno Prije dan
Swis: hey hey other neutrals look
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R Cole Prije dan
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Prije dan
Ahahhahaha told you communism win
AshuTosh Prije dan
When the period is over and teacher continues to teach. Students: 0:47
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Prije dan
Thanks Lenin😃
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bbg G Prije dan
Oversimplifyingly putting it, this was a very good epsiode!!
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Douglas mcarthur fired preposterous
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Death to communism.
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Gerald Sajulga Prije dan
I love the way you advertise 🤣
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It's been 3 months. Time for a new video! Come on, dude, don't be uncool ;)
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New vid comin up i think
MegaMisch Prije dan
Serious question. The violin song that starts at 19:02. What's it called. My mom use to play it on the piano when I was a kid but I dont know the name. Can anyone help?
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American civil war sponsored by honey
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India Pakistan war please
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hitler failed to take over the world this enranged his father who punished him severely
the dark knight
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I don’t know what forced me to do this buuuuuuut If ThE 1sT WOrlD wAr HAsN’t HapPenED yET tHeN HoW dOEs FrANce HaVe tHe ARc De TRiumpH
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Thank you for including the ANSACS :) And yes I’m Aussie
Oishika Datta
Oishika Datta Prije dan
5:22 if that's Princess Leia, dude what are you waiting for?
Lily.Hahjin Kim
Lily.Hahjin Kim Prije dan
oversimplified be a history teacher then everyone would love history
Lily.Hahjin Kim
Lily.Hahjin Kim Prije dan
Hitlers invading the rest of Cxechoslovakia I
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Your son is ded but thats ok I'm also your son Hip-hip HOORAY
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Bruv this man really put in joe exotic and Carole baskin
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How do u think the americsns will stand up to the navy of british -yea tell the to Jhon paul jones
Dan Prije dan
How in the fuck have I learned more watching this than being in my literal history class
T. Henderson
T. Henderson Prije 21 sat
Politics play a huge part in deciding what is learned in school. So no Karens can get offended.
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10:52 BTS lul
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Russian revolution sponsored by Nord vpn