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Eastern Thought
Ishikari Love

Bradley Watts
Bradley Watts Prije 4 sati
ill be waiting for “History of the entire world, oversimplified”
Aaron Gallardo
Aaron Gallardo Prije 6 sati
Dynasty Warriors brings me here, as a Warriors fan of course!!
naenae nae
naenae nae Prije 6 sati
10:41 Literally the weirdest war I’ve ever seen
Till Eye
Till Eye Prije 15 sati
In Thailand there's a saying that goes "anyone who reads three kingdoms for three times can no longer be trusted" my innocent friend read half of it and form a squad to cheat finals exam
Markymark Prije 15 sati
Wasn't there 2 big strategists? One of them kong ming?
Alice Ling26
Alice Ling26 Prije 16 sati
Uh you know in the Empress's room the two words mean "dog" and "cat"? And old chinese beds don't look like that.
HongCe Soo
HongCe Soo Prije 17 sati
as a chinese i loled so hard at 11:05
derpypaws1250 Prije 18 sati
7:57 Lu Bu is the real life version of Technoblade Change my mind
Liam Hogan
Liam Hogan Prije 20 sati
6:15 Description: He can appear at any time in the corner of your eye. Don't blink, or you'll miss him.
Billy Beauregard
Billy Beauregard Prije 21 sat
6:07 one is getting spanked
Daniel Sgro
Daniel Sgro Prije dan
y'all we got rick-rolled at 0:21 the bird is saying: "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down"
Faye Alvarez
Faye Alvarez Prije dan
Watching old Oversimplified videos? There's a tax for that
Jiahui Zhang
Jiahui Zhang Prije dan
interestingly enough, watching oversimplified made me (a Chinese) realized how complicated Chinese history is compared to the others....
eklips Prije dan
This is Risk on steroids
Lewis Greenhalgh
Lewis Greenhalgh Prije dan
This video makes me want to play dynasty warriors.
Aaron Gallardo
Aaron Gallardo Prije 6 sati
TPS Platinum
TPS Platinum Prije dan
Ah yes, I've played Dynasty Warriors.
Aaron Gallardo
Aaron Gallardo Prije 6 sati
autisticcondom Prije dan
whats the difference between kingdoms and dynasties
Ranveer5ingh plays
Ranveer5ingh plays Prije 2 dana
Lubu and diochan I played both of them in arena of op characters And they r couple in that game as well😍
Nitu Srivastava
Nitu Srivastava Prije 2 dana
Ya please do Korean war
Mukhtar Andu
Mukhtar Andu Prije 2 dana
They should make this into a film series something similar to game of thrones
yousef ali
yousef ali Prije 2 dana
6:11 I think alois Hitler traveled to the past
bart turner
bart turner Prije 2 dana
To simplify things play Dynasty Warriors. All of them consecutively same story same moves I love the games.
Aiden Billie
Aiden Billie Prije 2 dana
Lol there eyes disappeared 5:23
Drifter's Heart
Drifter's Heart Prije 2 dana
Benj Cheung
Benj Cheung Prije 2 dana
8:36 The words on the right: Never gonna give you up On the left: Never gonna let you down
Meme Machine
Meme Machine Prije 2 dana
Mongolian Empire- Oversimplified Please please make it please
Dummy Account
Dummy Account Prije 2 dana
Is the Era of Warring States and three kingdoms war the same? There is a anime kingdom, is it about the same?
Oliver Prije 2 dana
The sun faction had so many awesome characters in the game.
Smokyblackeyes Prije 2 dana
6:12 since when was Hitler's dad went to China?
Miss shah
Miss shah Prije 2 dana
Do Indian history. And I mean about colonization and not mythology
Aura Tanishq
Aura Tanishq Prije 2 dana
6:08 lol Hitler's father is beating a eunich
Xianhong Meng
Xianhong Meng Prije 3 dana
7:56 the word 'lü bu' must be a really fucking difficult word for westerners Maybe even more difficult than trying to pronounce my name
Jakob1_104 Gaming
Jakob1_104 Gaming Prije 3 dana
At 6:15 hitlers father is spanking someone in the background lul
Vihaan Nair
Vihaan Nair Prije 3 dana
Look closley do you see a familiar man who loves tea???? 6:18 / 17:22
Vihaan Nair
Vihaan Nair Prije 3 dana
*go to **16:18*
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances
ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances Prije 3 dana
I love how Oversimplified is using stuff from past videos as reoccuring jokes in new ones. It's just a nice thing I guess.
Fisher Braeden
Fisher Braeden Prije 3 dana
6:19 dose anyone else see the man spanking the other dude
Till Eye
Till Eye Prije 3 dana
actually china is just a kingdom with a lot of betrayals and corrupted kings in the end, EVERYTIME, if you studied chinese history, you will know. If it's not the tribes then it will be revolution by the citizens to overthrow the kingdom then start a new one ;-;
Jacob Munoz
Jacob Munoz Prije 3 dana
Dynasty warriors anyone?
Faisal Rania
Faisal Rania Prije 3 dana
anyone notice hitlers dad on the stairs punishing someone severely
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley Prije 3 dana
In case you are wondering what the are saying in Chinese at 0:22 it’s Never gonna give you up-he Rickrolled us
Pudding Prije 3 dana
But China is still corrupted. Sounds rude but it’s the truth. And I’m Chinese.
Pudding Prije 2 dana
@Sachin Adhav Exactly! Sometimes you see them pop up on the news saying that an island is theirs even though it’s no where near China. Then they send some troops there so the smaller countries are too scared to fight them for it. And then there’s the Hong Kong and TaiWan is mine because it used to be part of China 254682 years ago! They don’t even treat their citizens right.
Sachin Adhav
Sachin Adhav Prije 2 dana
Yea, and china were too Small than current... But still claiming and stealing territories from others. CCP is really bad
198569735 lyc
198569735 lyc Prije 3 dana
the air in America is sweet?aha?
Patriot Mapper
Patriot Mapper Prije 4 dana
But oversimplified - China didn’t discover China, the vikings did!
Channel Twenty Five
Channel Twenty Five Prije 4 dana
The high vis jacket & baguette... Genius 👌😂
Breadloafer Prije 4 dana
6:08 anyone notice hitlers dad?
Willy b Buckets
Willy b Buckets Prije 4 dana
I love your videos oversimplified
Scorn of the moon
Scorn of the moon Prije 4 dana
I found the jab at the yellow vest group pretty funny.
that guy spike
that guy spike Prije 4 dana
As a guy who studies alot of three kingdoms things this is VERY accurate
CliffJumpingProd Prije 15 sati
of course its accurate, its not supposed to be wrong, it's just supposed to be brief..
thelegend27 bob
thelegend27 bob Prije 3 dana
So just like me with ww1 and ww2
Jiwoo Jeong
Jiwoo Jeong Prije 4 dana
You should make a second channel called overmythlfied or something where you cover myth stories like Greek or Chinese and stuff
Ben Riel
Ben Riel Prije 4 dana
Its kinda horrifying to think about how many people died every single time a line moved in this video, and the lines move like 40 times a minute 😂
Maccarules Prije 4 dana
Can we take a moment to recognize the all the things he must’ve had to read and then figure out how to simplify and then make it funny and then animate all this.. Oversimplified not only do you have my subscription but also my my approval
Bubulu Naidoo
Bubulu Naidoo Prije 4 dana
6:08 Lol Hitlers dad is in China
doodlepenguin5 Prije 4 dana
6:14 He mascaraed He Jin, and soon realized he did something wrong with is fellow Eunuchs', so he punished them severely.
PolandBall Animates Coalition of mappers
PolandBall Animates Coalition of mappers Prije 4 dana
7:33 I’m in a coalition
The Grinch
The Grinch Prije 4 dana
Disslike so many adds
Shubham Malik
Shubham Malik Prije 5 dana
So when did tibet became a part of China why did they claim it as a part of han dynasty
Jin Zhe Lim
Jin Zhe Lim Prije 5 dana
It is a good video
W S Prije 5 dana
6:15 what was happening on the stairs
Ayam Goyeng
Ayam Goyeng Prije 5 dana
This guys: _explained about chinese historys_ Me:ciao ciao, zhong,liung liung,beu beu😵
Smort Boi
Smort Boi Prije 5 dana
Dammit, I’m learning about all the dynasties past the Han dynasty. I thought this could help a little
Everything in Brotherhood
Everything in Brotherhood Prije 5 dana
6:18 Hitler's dad is older than I thought......
腦凱 Prije 5 dana
Got rick rolled at 8:36 , well done *The couplets on the wall means "Never gonna give you up / Never gonna let you down"
Gravity Massive
Gravity Massive Prije 5 dana
China is whole again. Then it broke again.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Prije 5 dana
6:10 “And the eunuchs failed to survive” “And were punished severely”
Vincent Sceglio
Vincent Sceglio Prije 5 dana
Me, a chinese person: how does this man break my chinese in 17 minutes
Cachu Prije 2 dana
@Arif Meah youre a cool person tbh
Cachu Prije 2 dana
@Arif Meah sure, arif
Arif Meah
Arif Meah Prije 2 dana
@Cachu you know you can call me arif mate
Cachu Prije 2 dana
@Arif Meah thanks
Arif Meah
Arif Meah Prije 2 dana
@Cachu huh neat
Cherrie Chan
Cherrie Chan Prije 6 dana
To people who had to study Chinese History in Chinese but needed time to figure out the heck he was saying: I understand.
Thank you i needed this for my assignment u just made it easier
kelly mays
kelly mays Prije 6 dana
thanks koei for catching me up to speed
Augusta Palsdottir
Augusta Palsdottir Prije 6 dana
Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker funker Funker
Augusta Palsdottir
Augusta Palsdottir Prije 6 dana
Hi funker
Do i suck Or u suck
Do i suck Or u suck Prije 6 dana
Wow, while the soldiers are massacreing the eunuchs, a mad Adolf's dad is slapping the crap out of one. Was he in the army, or does he want to slap everyone in oversimplified's vids? huh
Robloxionnight Gaming
Robloxionnight Gaming Prije 6 dana
Filmry Studios
Filmry Studios Prije 6 dana
that shit was amazing omg
Navendu C Manoj
Navendu C Manoj Prije 6 dana
China breaks up Russia in 1917: *intresting*
Billie eilish Sucks
Billie eilish Sucks Prije 6 dana
6:15 look at the palace steps
suryanshu Bahadur
suryanshu Bahadur Prije 6 dana
At 6:08 Hitler’s Father in the background is giving one of the Eunuchs a beating.
Muhammed Rayan
Muhammed Rayan Prije 6 dana
Sun can son sa cho pai lo la milo that what heard
Tamara Lanzrath
Tamara Lanzrath Prije 7 dana
This is less than 100 years, think about what China went through in 5000 years.
陈智 Prije 7 dana
I hope our teachers can teach us our history in an interesting way like this.🤣
SHEKHAR SINGH Prije 7 dana
History teacher : do want to know about a battle royal Battle royal:
Anton Hu
Anton Hu Prije 7 dana
china today be like
Matcha Leaf
Matcha Leaf Prije 7 dana
三国演义is legit a Chinese classic now- I’m not even kidding man-
Mercy Main
Mercy Main Prije 7 dana
6:10 "Who beated him severely" JSBDISSBDJDBDHDB (the background)
anne mullen
anne mullen Prije 7 dana
Annette Holt
Annette Holt Prije 7 dana
Adolf’s father is so enraged, that he can punish anyone severely in any point of history.
DeltaSquared Gaming™
DeltaSquared Gaming™ Prije 7 dana
Copied comment soooooo....
Mohmads Obeidat
Mohmads Obeidat Prije 7 dana
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH CHINA?" Is what I learned from this.
Andrew Shi
Andrew Shi Prije 7 dana
8:25 we all got rickrolled
Knowledge Magnet
Knowledge Magnet Prije 7 dana
5:22 look at the eunuchs...
AwesomeDiamond Prije 7 dana
6:18 H1tl3rs stepdaddy is legit smacking someone in the background
Hayde Kalkgidelim
Hayde Kalkgidelim Prije 7 dana
fuck totalwar 3 kingdoms we want MEDIEVAL TOTALWAR 3
Mike R.
Mike R. Prije 8 dana
Loved the yellow vest dude among the yellow turban dudes... Nice touch
ZigZag2000 Prije 8 dana
War of the 3 kingdoms. Everyone loses.
BOMBERCBC Prije 8 dana
people saying chinese copied hunger game but they were the one who invented it first
maricel callano
maricel callano Prije 8 dana
why is adolfs father whas there
Fiona Ruth
Fiona Ruth Prije 8 dana
Hui Li
Hui Li Prije 8 dana
ah... it's Zhang Jiao, not Zhang Jue lol
Connor Jones
Connor Jones Prije 8 dana
Who wants to see the japanese sengoku segi oversimplified
Yeeter Prije 8 dana
I watched this when i was in school
Isaac Friedman
Isaac Friedman Prije 8 dana
6:16 look at the back round lol
Justin JJ
Justin JJ Prije 8 dana
Oopsie, looks like hitler dad slapped a chinese man butt to kill lmao
Daniel Bailon
Daniel Bailon Prije 8 dana
6:08 OMG ITS HITLERS DAD !1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1
LOL Prije 8 dana
yeah but the Jin dynasty is super corrupt, so after a short time which included Xī Jìn and Dõng Jìn, China is back to shredded states and north south stalemate for a long time, until Yáng Dì of the Suí dynasty conquered the Chén dynasty of the south and reunited China again in 581AD
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