Emu War - OverSimplified (Mini-Wars #4)

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World Map
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nice sharing
Default boi 64
Default boi 64 Prije 7 dana
Could you please do one about the Irish troubles
Hercules Zues
Hercules Zues Prije 8 dana
Top 10 opponents too tough for Thanos
RedDragon Prije 14 dana
Hello OverSimplified, I am currently creating a website all about the emu wars (because of you), do I have permission to be able to put this video on the website, I will also shout you out thank you!
European Mapper
European Mapper Prije 23 dana
How bout *no*
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Prije 35 minuta
Trinston was here ...
Nick Nemitz
Nick Nemitz Prije 9 sati
I just imagine americans getting involved in the war with the emus, doing staffing runs with a A-10 Warthog ......BRRRRT
Slash Dabb
Slash Dabb Prije 11 sati
3:43 Another one
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Prije 12 sati
I actually hate this, how you have shown the video, I am Australian and I know quite a few humans actually died, mostly farmers. And you have just completely glossed over that, making it sound like a joke.
798jeremy Prije 14 sati
Man, emus are just the best real life troll ever ! XD
Ranger23 Prije 14 sati
Sniper seeing emus eat his crops: ah piss
Ima Pseudonym
Ima Pseudonym Prije 15 sati
Hunting pests like that takes long rifles and patience. You have to let them come to you, and pick them off. And you've got to accept that it's going to take a long time.
Corrin 903
Corrin 903 Prije 17 sati
8:44 video said in the end ad Vaping is bad for your lungs
Corrin 903
Corrin 903 Prije 17 sati
Who else is here from limenade
Yung Flex
Yung Flex Prije 19 sati
unus annus
Z Shieh
Z Shieh Prije 19 sati
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Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato Prije 19 sati
I can understand the memes now.
Clay Menefee
Clay Menefee Prije dan
Emus are adorbs as fuck. I love these birds.
French Bucket
French Bucket Prije dan
Austraila is a great country isn't it guys... Guys?
logan Prije dan
Route 104
Route 104 Prije dan
Ok Australia lost the war to the emu but at least didn’t loose a war to tumbleweeds like the usa 🇺🇸 did lol 😂
YoBoy TAURUS Prije dan
This is my favorite OverSimplified video. Extremely underratedz
Wynter Prije dan
At what point did poison bait not become a thing?
InfiniteMAD Prije dan
2:21 *walks in british*
Cybersorcerer Prije dan
Discount ostriches - Oversimplified
this just shows that we humans are kinda stupid and destructible
Aslan Lee
Aslan Lee Prije 2 dana
Commander Emu: Okay the humans are coming for us so when you see them, run. Lieutenant Flyer: Sir. You're a genius.
kiddo 3p catch tf up
kiddo 3p catch tf up Prije 2 dana
Who else peeped the emo kid in thumbnail with the my chemical romance shirt on!?!?!?!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀
Cornelia Septyani
Cornelia Septyani Prije 2 dana
Australian will always be something
Sean Gentry
Sean Gentry Prije 2 dana
I've been working through your videos and this is easily the funniest so far. The emus eating the grass for so long, followed by the bunnies... just really hilarious and some great awkward pauses.
{Penguin Productions }
{Penguin Productions } Prije 2 dana
My teacher was not LIEING THE EMU WAR IS REAL
Harker Griner
Harker Griner Prije 2 dana
FEATHER HATS everyone: :O
Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeleton Prije 2 dana
Continue this series please
Jimmy da dragon
Jimmy da dragon Prije 2 dana
I laughed so hard
E Saikaly
E Saikaly Prije 2 dana
Is mel Gibson supposed to refrens of mad max
Ben Hinchion
Ben Hinchion Prije 2 dana
Ya but did ye hear about Emus war 2
Star Wars Legend 3
Star Wars Legend 3 Prije 3 dana
That’s a emo not a emu Damn it jones learn your vowels Sorry
Mr. Darned
Mr. Darned Prije 3 dana
“The burning outback “ that was in the far far pa… recent recent past
Combine Unit Alpha Epsilon
Combine Unit Alpha Epsilon Prije 3 dana
"If we haf a military division with the bullet carrying capacity of these birds, it would face any army in the world" OMG XDD
Lucas Moeller
Lucas Moeller Prije 3 dana
mark zepp
mark zepp Prije 3 dana
More economic downturn
•Fresh Lemonade•
•Fresh Lemonade• Prije 3 dana
0:21 I was playing this without headphones and my sister was like Wtf
Mild Cheesecake 69
Mild Cheesecake 69 Prije 3 dana
6:51 r/suddenlygay
Ajay Thanuja
Ajay Thanuja Prije 3 dana
Man I feel sorry for those who DID NOT get the BRUCE REFERENCE
Lazy eater
Lazy eater Prije 4 dana
There is something that they forgot to do, They are suppose to stand closer, and closer to the general and the others. To win the war, but they didn't..
Michael Prije 4 dana
British didn't really discover Australia either, just colonised it
Reid King
Reid King Prije 4 dana
ha im alone
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 4 dana
Parikesit indra Kusuma
Parikesit indra Kusuma Prije 5 dana
Fun fact : British were not the founder of australia, but majapahit empire find it first. But they leave it because they dont think australia will give them advantage
Calvin & Hobbies
Calvin & Hobbies Prije 5 dana
Me when oversimplified uploads: *yes, good*
Sci_fi13th Prije 5 dana
he needs to bring this back and do one on like the winter war or the 30 hour war
simon claoudio
simon claoudio Prije 5 dana
The Man With No Name
The Man With No Name Prije 5 dana
Did anyone The Ozzy Oracle ? Or is it a mention to Ozzyman ?
Fredrick Pokai
Fredrick Pokai Prije 5 dana
The aboriginal people discovered Australia.
Prasety CIo
Prasety CIo Prije 5 dana
I like your feather hat *what*
Vsh v
Vsh v Prije 5 dana
Aborigines have been in Australia for over a hundred thousand years
Killgarragh Forever
Killgarragh Forever Prije 5 dana
So let me get this striaght... The Australian army declared war on the emus and the emus won? That is so stupid it's fantastic.
Frankie Dreads
Frankie Dreads Prije 6 dana
Best video ever
Jason Odje
Jason Odje Prije 6 dana
My OverSimplified watch has come to an end. Great content.
Wow I’m ugly Real ugly
Wow I’m ugly Real ugly Prije 6 dana
Emu ema eme
Zayed Abedin
Zayed Abedin Prije 6 dana
Zayed Abedin
Zayed Abedin Prije 6 dana
is bad at war btw is Aussie NOW OZZY
Dakota Giegiel
Dakota Giegiel Prije 6 dana
This and the bucket war are the best wars ever. Hahaha 😂
ItsTheToastyBoi Prije 6 dana
"Discount Ostriches"
Ирина Стоева
Ирина Стоева Prije 6 dana
isn't it a fake ?
G J Prije 6 dana
The "The real MVP........... You; watching this video" Made me go awww
TWOM Prije 6 dana
yes. *good.*
Some templar with internet access
Some templar with internet access Prije 6 dana
Petition to change the name from, The great depression to The Big Sad 👇
Custom Gift Shop 定制礼物店 Puzzlehup . com
Custom Gift Shop 定制礼物店 Puzzlehup . com Prije 6 dana
Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero Prije 7 dana
Kangaroos vs Uruguay :v
Oscar Barton
Oscar Barton Prije 7 dana
Mike Schlau
Mike Schlau Prije 7 dana
Japanese are lucky they never invaded Australia - Emus waited for them....
Jajo Pehe
Jajo Pehe Prije 7 dana
yo what is that trumpet ghinee called at the end of the video
Aussie Chunda
Aussie Chunda Prije 7 dana
Lost? Pretty sure we nuked the emu fields and they surrendered.
Awesomepuma Prije 8 dana
That's Some Stormtrooper Level Aim
Pramudya Prilo
Pramudya Prilo Prije 8 dana
The army lost because they didn't play Viking war of clans
Asep Syahbudi
Asep Syahbudi Prije 8 dana
Oh so this not an emulation of world war? But, it's still interesting, so let me here.
ahmed elakrab
ahmed elakrab Prije 8 dana
WOW! That's a moth*****g ugly bird right there!
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme Prije 8 dana
I just keep imagining all the delicious barbecue for days!
fortnite noob 777
fortnite noob 777 Prije 8 dana
So the great depression is just not stonks
Wheeler Kids
Wheeler Kids Prije 8 dana
Hercules Zues
Hercules Zues Prije 8 dana
Top 10 opponents too tough for Thanos
Benjamin Sartwell
Benjamin Sartwell Prije 8 dana
So you tellin me that Australia went to war with A BIRD
9A4 tanay saxena
9A4 tanay saxena Prije 9 dana
sir please make a video on the history of india too....it is really rich....everyone will enjoy
Catgirl Cumdump
Catgirl Cumdump Prije 9 dana
In the end, the real emus were the friends we made along the way.
Major Halo fan
Major Halo fan Prije 9 dana
If oversimplified didn't upload for a year oversimplified:im surry
roshdy yassin
roshdy yassin Prije 10 dana
Me when I heard "feather hats" for the third time : 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alduin the Lord of Dragons
Alduin the Lord of Dragons Prije 10 dana
But OverSimplified, the British didn't discover Australia, the Dutch did. Technically, Dutch explorers did explore a bit of Australia and New Zealand
Dark Side &
Dark Side & Prije 10 dana
Yes good
AndiNicole 24
AndiNicole 24 Prije 10 dana
my national bird is the philippine eagle i guest u know where i live now
Nhu Y Tran
Nhu Y Tran Prije 10 dana
So it sounds like bye bye as in you no aloud
Nhu Y Tran
Nhu Y Tran Prije 10 dana
Buy buy sounds like bye bye
Enoch DeMille
Enoch DeMille Prije 10 dana
You should do the Utah war next
Farzana Hoque
Farzana Hoque Prije 11 dana
Emu: Hey, farmer Bruce where do u find that hat in the toilet?? ( SILENCE) Farmer : Yes.
Evan :3
Evan :3 Prije 11 dana
Vikings: War of Clans was the OG Raid: Shadow Legends
Dead-ish Ostrich
Dead-ish Ostrich Prije 11 dana
It wasn’t Australia it was CANADA
Harrison Chang
Harrison Chang Prije 11 dana
did anyone see the captions
A V Prije 11 dana
They should’ve sent the Bogans after them emus, that would taken care of the job.
sam robinson
sam robinson Prije 11 dana
8:51 on the right, wtf is going on?
sam robinson
sam robinson Prije 11 dana
"the men were feeling a little discouraged after losing to a bunch of discount ostriches."
People's youtube channels
People's youtube channels Prije 12 dana
They were just stupid . why hunters use rifle for hunting ? because it is accurate . machinegun is technically very inaccurate , specially for fast running emus so it was using wrong weapon on wrong enemy. But why it is effective during world war one ? because the enemy is a human charging at you but is relatively slower , then there are multiple machine guns and rifle man along with artillery support .
People's youtube channels
People's youtube channels Prije 11 dana
@MISSION101 I am not saying to bring artillery support , what I am trying to say is the army underestimated and thought to just go and massacre the emus with machine gun . rifles are slow but if given to an expert marksman with a sniper scope then then can pin down 1 emu 1 shot . Then if you say emus endured multiple bullets then just give the rifleman a powerful rifle with large caliber and high velocity . slow rifles provide accurate fire , but at least saving 9 bullets is important
MISSION101 Prije 11 dana
The rifles were too slow. 1 kill for every 10 rounds is very efficient, especially with machine guns. Artillery support wouldn’t work as this was in the middle of the desert. There were no rail roads to transport the artillery all the way out there, not to mention there wouldn’t have been more than 1 or 2 in the closest city (Perth)
Doomsday Taco
Doomsday Taco Prije 12 dana
After we lost this war we realised animals are the only way to win a war, so we changed shit up, no more humans now we have: Magpies: fighter pilots Drop bears: paratroopers Platypie: SAS Kangaroos: land infantry Emus: reconassaince Crocodiles: amphibious infantry
Dev Playing
Dev Playing Prije 12 dana
The Australians are probably the toughest people in the world, they won against the Japanese in WW2 on the Kokoda trail In PNG and they had 90% less troops
ChillKing 007
ChillKing 007 Prije 10 dana
But they aren't so tough in the brain dept it seems 😂🤣
OutOfTheAlgorithm Prije 12 dana
"What I am? I am a rabbit, we are all rabbits"
Liam Munce
Liam Munce Prije 12 dana
NAW it was the brits. I’m Aussie and British so i know.
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