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VOLAIRE'S MINION Prije 10 sati
Not a single quote or timestamp in the comments is consistent with the video. 😕
Kenscope Prije 14 sati
*9:34** Best part here*
Lisa Huke
Lisa Huke Prije 16 sati
Bucket is god
Le Mystra007
Le Mystra007 Prije 17 sati
I haz a bucket
Winter Knight
Winter Knight Prije 18 sati
I had always wondered why a war was started over a damn bucket. Now I know...
Sophia Thomas
Sophia Thomas Prije 18 sati
sisy babu
sisy babu Prije 20 sati
1:10 That is me relative saying anyone have a spare hat. No joke my dad's cousin's wife's uncle. Legit not lying, he is the head of the malankara marthoma church which has 1.6miln followers in India
Yellow :D
Yellow :D Prije 21 sat
He just predicted COVID
Mr. Meme Bucket
Mr. Meme Bucket Prije dan
Was there ever a war of The Meme Bucket?
Nuray ÖNER
Nuray ÖNER Prije dan
Bi Türkçe altyazı koysaydın da bende anlasaydım bu videoyu.😞
The Ashman
The Ashman Prije dan
9:45 Who’s seen the 1h long video of this scene
Raptor Parkour
Raptor Parkour Prije dan
6:12 Me: wtf
Kingminecraft24 Prije dan
I amost forgot about dis war
LEGO Battle droid
LEGO Battle droid Prije dan
I expected to hear the Mario kart start music at 0:09
Aoife lol
Aoife lol Prije dan
12:10 basically Romeo and Juliet
boomers: kids now are so disrespectful and violent and i hate my wife no one: literally no one: medieval ages: you know what would be funny, lets yeet a living donkey and laugh so hard, and burn villages that would be funny
Raviteja Chevala
Raviteja Chevala Prije 2 dana
how about war of the roses??
Legomaster 1189
Legomaster 1189 Prije 2 dana
Oversimplified. The war of the buck. 13 minutes in. Investiture controversy. Me. Just want to see buckets
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson Prije 2 dana
Jesus saves us from our sins! Thanks be to God!
Varsha Mohan
Varsha Mohan Prije 2 dana
So funny
Retarded kid
Retarded kid Prije 3 dana
12:01 this enraged the ghibelines which punished them severely
Liam Gilker
Liam Gilker Prije 3 dana
Three kingdoms Battle of Hastings War of the bucket King Henry American revolution French Revolution American civil war Ww1 Emu war Hitler Ww2 Russian revolution Cold War Football war Falklands war
Liz Holdbrook
Liz Holdbrook Prije 3 dana
Liam Munce
Liam Munce Prije 3 dana
“Then they immediately attacked each other. Why?” Me:”its the bucket war so the bucket did it,right?”
Roald The penguin
Roald The penguin Prije 3 dana
Narrator: that’s right (nothing to do with Hamilton) Me: HERCULES MULLIGAN
Spy Tank
Spy Tank Prije 4 dana
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Prije 4 dana
Man I wish I had that bucket :(
sfenja boi
sfenja boi Prije 4 dana
I wish my history teacher was you
AnySizePie Prije 4 dana
You should do the Crimean war
Rainbow City
Rainbow City Prije 4 dana
12:0the plague doctor is in the back of the fight
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger Prije 4 dana
I’m going to head to Modena and steal that bucket back and return to Bologna
Homemade Bread
Homemade Bread Prije 4 dana
What a way to die, being literally yeeted out of a window
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda Prije 4 dana
PurpleZombie Prije 4 dana
Oversimplified has been the bucket the whole time
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 4 dana
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor Prije 5 dana
2:23 That's speculation. "According to Liudprand of Cremona, John died whilst enjoying an adulterous sexual encounter outside Rome, either as the result of apoplexy, or at the hands of an outraged husband."
Supadupa8ayby Prije 5 dana
It's at 10:31
Bucket Boi
Bucket Boi Prije 5 dana
I feel attacked
Mak’s Game
Mak’s Game Prije 5 dana
Can you do the history of the Medici
Emped Prije 5 dana
17:54 Pewdiepie vs t series oversimplified coming 2087
Gabriella Pietrakowski
Gabriella Pietrakowski Prije 5 dana
Do you war of the roses
Stranger Keegan
Stranger Keegan Prije 6 dana
Why you not uploading
Ladytrixiee Prije 6 dana
10:31 you're welcome
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan Prije 6 dana
Soldier: I teleported bread Engineer: how long?
Kyle Yi
Kyle Yi Prije 6 dana
Bruh I just watched an hour long loop of the townspeople dancing around the bucket
vaishali charya
vaishali charya Prije 6 dana
I am here again just for oonga poonga at 10:31 :)
Dakota Giegiel
Dakota Giegiel Prije 7 dana
We vote for the bucket!!!
Dakota Giegiel
Dakota Giegiel Prije 7 dana
OMG. Hahaha 😂 this soo funny
Dakota Giegiel
Dakota Giegiel Prije 7 dana
me and my bro vote for the bucket!!!
WyOkie Prije 7 dana
Wow the citations of youtubers and sharing of knowledge is dope af.
Shawn White
Shawn White Prije 7 dana
So the patron saint of fisherman is swimming with the fishes.
Sunnset Le
Sunnset Le Prije 7 dana
This is how much people wanna see part 2 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Ayush Thumbarathy
Ayush Thumbarathy Prije 7 dana
The ad ends at 7:04
GranataPacifica 08
GranataPacifica 08 Prije 8 dana
9:38 Not again
Jon HWG Prije 8 dana
But oversimplified the pope wasn't the biggest religion group the vikings is
King :-UR FIRED!!!!!!! 9:38😏😏😏😏 Pope:-wait a minute 9:41😡😡😡wait a minute I'm the pope u can't fire me ...ur fired King :-wait a minute 9:48😡😡😡 I'm da king u can't fire me..ur fired Bishop:-9:54 😡😡😡😡wait a minute....... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 THIS LOOPHOLE BANTER GETS ME EVERY TIME
Anmol Ishit
Anmol Ishit Prije 8 dana
12:01 SCP-049
Adam Hufnagel
Adam Hufnagel Prije 8 dana
I love you.
Adam Hufnagel
Adam Hufnagel Prije 8 dana
Say it back
9A4 tanay saxena
9A4 tanay saxena Prije 9 dana
sir please make a video on the history of india is really rich....everyone will enjoy
Aditya Karkate
Aditya Karkate Prije 9 dana
10:31 me a night before my crush said yes to my proposal to become my wife
Major Halo fan
Major Halo fan Prije 9 dana
7:10 LOL
Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeleton Prije 9 dana
Why dos it take so long to make a video
Aaron Renton
Aaron Renton Prije 9 dana
Spaghetti Jeff 2020
Sportsnerd Prije 9 dana
I’m very surprised that neither the pope or emperor cried in the “battle of deposeation”
SmallSpeaker Prije 9 dana
rubenpalomino1975 Prije 9 dana
the buket
Nathan Lock
Nathan Lock Prije 9 dana
I love how every time someone dies of a disease, oversimplified makes it look like it happened in a few seconds
Arthur Linsen
Arthur Linsen Prije 10 dana
Could you make one about nazisimde? I need to study that this year.
Dr Victor Von Doom
Dr Victor Von Doom Prije 10 dana
Best vid ever
Alduin the Lord of Dragons
Alduin the Lord of Dragons Prije 10 dana
4:42 I can only imagine how painful it was to draw that map
Kat Cyer
Kat Cyer Prije 9 dana
I know, how long would that take!!
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams Prije 10 dana
0:55 then he’s going to get a stain on his outfit
Koolaid Clan
Koolaid Clan Prije 10 dana
10:33 got me dying
Rituraj Halder
Rituraj Halder Prije 11 dana
Reala Namea
Reala Namea Prije 11 dana
10:24 - 10:34 HILARIOUS!
JacobNerfs Prije 11 dana
man I can’t wait for the pewds and t gay oversimplified
JacobNerfs Prije 11 dana
*_tf2 soldier’s ptsd intensifies_*
dackol Prije 11 dana
gotta hand it to you this is pretty good news like
Trank Prije 12 dana
Who watching this in 2020
Greg Schoellhammer
Greg Schoellhammer Prije 12 dana
Coloring all of those Holy Roman Empire federations must've been a nightmare (even with full border coloring tools lol)
Good Name
Good Name Prije 12 dana
Gets a new bucket: *now clap for that you bastards*
Lisa Novotny
Lisa Novotny Prije 12 dana
Me thinks he is gonna make a viitnam war video but he makes a war of the bucket video me:😐😑
Sienna Oberhuber
Sienna Oberhuber Prije 12 dana
apparently I'm related to Charlemane
Vilithium Prije 13 dana
I hated the modenese the entire video
king kai809
king kai809 Prije 13 dana
Do the Roman war
JP Prije 13 dana
I remember as it was yesterday. Phil Swift’s army first attack against the Buckets, all I could hear was chainsaws and knife stabs. That was a lot of damage.
TayvohMusic Prije 13 dana
This is why aliens don't fuck with us.
Andrea Guio
Andrea Guio Prije 13 dana
Did you know that Colombia's independence was caused because of a vase ( a flower vase), some Spanish dude didn't lend some Criollo ( or mixed , son of Spanish and native ) dude a vase, because it will be used in a party for other Criollo, so they start fighting and that's how the criollos said bye bye to the Spanish
Cloud Prije 13 dana
If this was on your recommendations u are funny
Nicholas Mitsos
Nicholas Mitsos Prije 14 dana
12:10 My romantic life
Kev Ro
Kev Ro Prije 14 dana
I love how oversimplified walks right into product placements.
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain Prije 14 dana
0:00 it’s when the vid start
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain Prije 13 dana
Jackie Dan ok the prob was that it was private but now it’s public
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain Prije 13 dana
Jackie Dan wait some thing went wrong and it won’t show
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain Prije 13 dana
Jackie Dan ya
Jackie Dan
Jackie Dan Prije 13 dana
Are you giving me a shoutout in the vid
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain Prije 13 dana
Jackie Dan it’s getting uploaded
Mr. Explain
Mr. Explain Prije 14 dana
Just do Vietnam war
Ones2Watch Prije 14 dana
Hes probably cheating Me and the boys 10:32
Razor Prije 14 dana
1:40 is that justinian?
Ahmir Halliburton
Ahmir Halliburton Prije 14 dana
look at 10:31
Ahmir Halliburton
Ahmir Halliburton Prije 14 dana
the teacher leaves my class Girls: let's draw something Boys:10:31
Ahmir Halliburton
Ahmir Halliburton Prije 14 dana
okokokokokokokokkokokokokokookok king:JUST SHUT THE HECK UPPPPPPP!!! i peed in my pants
giulsrules Prije 14 dana
uhh, i watched this because even if i am an italian student i really never heard about any bucket war. I guess it is a minor event in italian history that quite drew the attenction of foreign academics. A lot of weird shit happened back in those days, this isn't even the weirdest... Anyway, great video, very accurate, and I laughed the whole time
LIL LIL Prije 14 dana
But modena didn't steal the bucket the vikings did
Jbgamer2.0 Prije 15 dana
Who just realized they have simp in the name
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