Hitler - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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OverSimplified Prije 3 godina
Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Just wanted to give this a little more visibility: I'm getting a lot of comments asking me to not take 5 months to make videos, and quite frankly, I agree! I would LOVE to be able to make these on a more regular basis, but the problem is that I gotta eat meaning I gotta get paid meaning I gotta spend time doing things other than OverSimplified. In addition, it seems that these new videos aren't getting many ads on them, probably because they're about Nazis and HRpost's new advertiser-friendly rules are shockingly not keen on Nazis. The revenue reports are coming in and let's just say I'm a lot like Alois at the start of these videos; not really rolling in cash (but unlike Alois I'm also not really rolling in women), which is a bit disappointing after months of work (especially the no women part). So if you'd like to see more OverSimplified on a more regular basis, please consider supporting me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/OverSimple Whatever the case, I'll be getting WW2 out as soon as I physically can! Thanks again for all the support!
That one guy on YouTube
That one guy on YouTube Prije 10 sati
You work to hard
Mason Prije 11 dana
OMG that's a lot of words
Demi Prije 16 dana
if it were free id do it sadly i cant pay
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Prije 16 dana
Hitler birthday
Local83 Prije 25 dana
Garv Sharma it symbolizes luck
Maitreya Kanitkar
Maitreya Kanitkar Prije 3 sati
I believe that if not Hitler someone else would have risen in his place ,the circumstances for Germany were made so bad by the allies that someone had to do something, in our timeline that man was Hitler.
Maitreya Kanitkar
Maitreya Kanitkar Prije 3 sati
The man who brought Europe to its knees
Itz Skipper_2026
Itz Skipper_2026 Prije 8 sati
Fact: During WW1, When Hitler was spared by a British soldier, he was ordered not to shoot Hitler by a former PoW of Britain (and became an officer of the Allied) known as Walter Jansen Kara.
Kash Linder
Kash Linder Prije 12 sati
For the hole vid I thought his weird little mustache was his mouth
ZiWei Yao
ZiWei Yao Prije 21 sat
Anakin's destiny
DMoneyTaz15 Prije 23 sati
Trump isn't Hitler, but the contexts of their respective rises to power are strikingly similar. A country frustrated with an ineffective democracy turns to someone who seems different and promises to restore their nations pride by scapegoating a group of immigrants. I guess they're not exactly the same though, because Hitler didn't dodge his nation's draft, and, to his credit, actually believed every insane, racist, inflammatory idea he propagated.
O’Donnell Prije dan
This is sounding a little familiar
Абдул Карим
Абдул Карим Prije 23 sati
Bro did that dude say Dhaka in 5:48 minute.
Cole Mutch
Cole Mutch Prije dan
i love u
Samiul Islam
Samiul Islam Prije dan
M 115
ZerglingOne1 Prije dan
Separated Germany definitely looked like a fire-breathing dragon.
Hygiea Prije 2 dana
So one night in June 1934, he Rohm and many other of his own (laughs) SA officers rounded up and murdered. 6:21
James Scannell
James Scannell Prije 2 dana
Some didn't agree with the racism but decided to vote for him anyway. Hmm sounds familiar.
Elise Desrochers
Elise Desrochers Prije 2 dana
Hitler must've been the emo kid
honeydudeify Prije 3 dana
Moral of the story : Never deny German kids admission in the art school.
tristan mayes
tristan mayes Prije 3 dana
This is trump we need help
BigTArmada Prije 4 dana
Is it just me or does the OS Hitler-stash make him appear to be in a constant state of shock?
emprah the rocket
emprah the rocket Prije 4 dana
Nice Perspective of Hitler.
BlackRose Prije 4 dana
I wanted to hear more, all the way up to his death. Your videos are so interesting. :)
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 4 dana
Sami Mohamed
Sami Mohamed Prije dan
Turkish independence from who?
Siddharth Suresh
Siddharth Suresh Prije 5 dana
You either die hero or live long enough to see your self become the villan.
T6R2D2 Prije 5 dana
I wonder what Hitler's relatives that outlived him thought of his actions. Like for example, Alois Hitler Jr lived until 1956 (11 years after Hitler died).
Snazzy Scott
Snazzy Scott Prije 5 dana
1:31. Fun fact, in the Nazi anthem, Horst Wessel Lied, it states how the SA marches and does engage in combat with the Red Front, a German communist group at the time.
Shubham Mahar
Shubham Mahar Prije 5 dana
The motive of story..... always accept German artist 🤣
A & S Productions!
A & S Productions! Prije 5 dana
E Eeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Not germany
Nikolas Piernas
Nikolas Piernas Prije 5 dana
And. He. Killed. Himself. Because. He. Was. To. Much. Of. A. PUSSY!!!!
Jacob Zifcak
Jacob Zifcak Prije 6 dana
Should of used skill share to get into art school
iPlayPSVR Prije 6 dana
"Hitler was a right wing fascist" Also Hitler: *Founds the Socialist Workers Party*
Vir Chopra
Vir Chopra Prije 7 dana
Will Schmidt got stuck in this engagement
Toty • 6942 years ago
Toty • 6942 years ago Prije 7 dana
Random Cat On The Internet
Random Cat On The Internet Prije 7 dana
Remember we need to keep the german employment to working otherwise something will go wrong
Corruption Prije 7 dana
Oversimplified doesn't believe in Luxembourg
Yeeto Latino
Yeeto Latino Prije 7 dana
Hitler: The Symbolical German Trump
Anushka Shekhar Jha
Anushka Shekhar Jha Prije 8 dana
If only Hitler's father didn't punished him severally
Corey Thomas
Corey Thomas Prije 8 dana
Hitler=Sleepy Joe
Rio and mom's vlog
Rio and mom's vlog Prije 8 dana
Hitler: Megalomaniac Megalodon: am i a joke to u?
Rio and mom's vlog
Rio and mom's vlog Prije 8 dana
Hitler ruled germany, This enraged his father, who punished him severely
Bryan Hammond
Bryan Hammond Prije 8 dana
this show is so awesome I wish I could do but don't let me get my hopes to far
Tik Tok Video
Tik Tok Video Prije 8 dana
AS kardeşim qeqewewew SA=SelaminAleyküm As=AleykümSelam
Matt Prije 9 dana
Why has this seen eeriely familiar over the past half-decade or so?
Garv Sharma
Garv Sharma Prije 9 dana
Soviet: Motherland Communist Germany: Fatherland Fascist India: Motherland Republic Will someone specify which kind of government gets to call its country Mother and Father?
lololz Prije 6 dana
you can call your country whatever you want
Ayush Thumbarathy
Ayush Thumbarathy Prije 9 dana
Gotta say, Donnie Trump is a hella lot like Adolf Hitler...........
Mtive Micky
Mtive Micky Prije 9 dana
Hitler his story are just like mine....
Joker Prije 9 dana
Since when were nazis extreme right...? Socialism is not right wing...
Shazistic Prije 9 dana
Random fact Today's college students are 40% less empathetic than those from the 1980's and 1990's. -The Shades
Matt Prije 9 dana
Where did you get those numbers? Is this an actual study, or did you just make it up to try and prove a political point. Because it would show that your point is nonsense if ya did! ~ Matt
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe Prije 9 dana
Yay deutchland 2.0
Joe Baumgart
Joe Baumgart Prije 10 dana
I'm an autistic jew. This enraged hitler, but the coward killed himself so he didn't do shit!
Joe Baumgart
Joe Baumgart Prije 10 dana
Uggghhguuughhh... Dick Taters uggglllghhhhhhhhhh.
Beagle 102
Beagle 102 Prije 10 dana
2:00 this is oversimplified
Hello random person scrolling through the comment section I hope your dream come true and your day is good MY DREAM IS that i become a succseful HRpostr.
YayBayWay RRR
YayBayWay RRR Prije 11 dana
My students loved it, great video! I might teach more lessons off of your videos!
Justin Weisberg
Justin Weisberg Prije 11 dana
Putin: bounties on American soldiers This enraged Tru- N g H ooOoOO wait, he did absolutely nothing... 😐 Instead, he called American service men and women SUCKERS!! And said they all knew what they signed up for. 😐😐 So if you’re not trying to look like the Kremlin puppet.........Good job 👍👍 (Sarcasim +100)
Justin Weisberg
Justin Weisberg Prije 11 dana
Hitler: bombed London This enraged Churchill, Who punished him severly
Libby A
Libby A Prije 12 dana
I’m surprised you didn’t talk about the backlash he got for not being a German citizen
Ia2U Prije 12 dana
I would like to point out that this video seems to suggest that "Nazi" was an abbreviation that the National Socialists used for their party, like a generically accepted shorthand in the manner of "GOP" or "Democrat" being short-hands for the Democratic and Republican Parties. That was a derogatory term that Hitler's enemies coined about the Party to make fun of them; "Nazi" was the name given to a backwards ignorant peasant farmer in Germany, and wouldn't have been used by the National Socialists. The only instances where they attempted to use it were 1) in trying to reappropriate the term so as not to give their enemies propaganda fodder and 2) if it was in conjunction with the short-hand of the term "socialist", in a clear signal of abbreviation. Everywhere else it was used was as a mockery of the party, by first their political rivals and then after the foundation of the Third Reich by German expatriates. Just thought that was worth clarifying.
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell Prije 13 dana
Hitler became chancellor in January 1933 and in February the Reichstag was set on fire. Weird coincidence
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy Prije 13 dana
The Nazis were left-wing.
Withered dark Gold
Withered dark Gold Prije 13 dana
I hate hitler 😡😡😡
Edgelord of Edginess the Edgeth
Edgelord of Edginess the Edgeth Prije 13 dana
Hitler: Loses in Hearts of Iron 4 This enraged his father who punished him severely
Skylar Szabo
Skylar Szabo Prije 13 dana
No, his art sucked.
Michael J. Hout
Michael J. Hout Prije 14 dana
These are great
Zachary Becker
Zachary Becker Prije 14 dana
Supposedly when Hitler was 4 he was rescued from drowning by a priest after falling into an icy river. Imagine saving a kid's life to see him grow up to be Hitler.
NukeXplosion Prije 9 dana
theneverendinguser Prije 14 dana
Bavatia is birthplace of bmw as well.
Ronan Lyon
Ronan Lyon Prije 14 dana
Economics: Printing more money makes it less valuable Every government *EVER*: wanna print more money to alleviate the economic crisis?
Gresham White
Gresham White Prije 14 dana
4:01 to 4:12 sounds somewhat similar to what's happening in America now
your local idiot
your local idiot Prije 14 dana
Part 1: Wow, Hitler had a terrible childhood, the father is to blame Part 2: *nope Hitler is just evil*
dabear Prije 14 dana
Just like I’m sick of covid
Husni Abual-einein
Husni Abual-einein Prije 15 dana
Nobody: Luxembourg: I am german
Dixie Normus 9000
Dixie Normus 9000 Prije 15 dana
Hitler: fails art school *proceeds to create a symbol that still brings people to tears*
LilRose!!! Prije 15 dana
Hitler be doin too much
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Prije 16 dana
Snowyy. Prije 16 dana
In conclusion, this is why you don’t smash your cousin
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Prije 16 dana
200 billion dollars what
James ryan Ramos
James ryan Ramos Prije 16 dana
Its marks not dollars
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese Prije 17 dana
Y' know, the swastika was originally a Buddhist symbol of peace and prosperity.
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Prije 16 dana
Ikr I'm indian but yt is an idiot
Nathan Key-No
Nathan Key-No Prije 17 dana
Nazi'm isn't right wing, it's big government, high taxes, gun control, no freedom of speech and more. You get the idea. It's socialism, communisms cousin. Not to mention the racism thing lol that's pretty common on the far left.
Thor—ワイルドライド Prije 20 sati
ChukyMILKMan Prije 17 dana
His party was not right wing it was a fascist party
Ty Noki
Ty Noki Prije 18 dana
Kinda sounds like Someone we kno today 🤣 aka trump
Lucas Ashington5
Lucas Ashington5 Prije 18 dana
at the time 6:26 why does it sound like he laughs
puppylover Prije 18 dana
Damn, I've watched this video so many times and never noticed that.
Dodi Foxy
Dodi Foxy Prije 18 dana
Me Talking to the Cheetos in my mouth: YOUR WORSE THEN HITLER, AT LEAST HITLER CARED ABOUT GERMANY My cheetos: No, i am not , i am yummy
KaeptnMS Prije 18 dana
Video nicht verfügbar Dieser Inhalt ist in dieser Landes-Domain nicht verfügbar.
seraphic Prije 19 dana
the ending, with the gunshots and wwii, was pretty baller
ozzie woods
ozzie woods Prije 19 dana
Molly Martling
Molly Martling Prije 19 dana
Do Caesar’s assassination!!
Daniel Prije 19 dana
So Britain is the real villian here.
wha??? who???
wha??? who??? Prije 17 dana
how tf is that what you got from that video
Fan Sarah
Fan Sarah Prije 19 dana
if only he hadn't become dictator
Pixel Smile
Pixel Smile Prije 19 dana
So, it’s all France’s fault
wha??? who???
wha??? who??? Prije 17 dana
how tf is that what you got from that video
Jay Banalnal
Jay Banalnal Prije 20 dana
Even if Hitler didn't existed someone in Germany who was willing to fight for his country would be like
TrollPotatoe Prije 20 dana
should've watched this for my history exam HAHA
paltu boyz
paltu boyz Prije 20 dana
No wonder why marrying to your cousin is said to be bad.
Ronalf Alfoja Jr
Ronalf Alfoja Jr Prije 20 dana
Mr President
Mr President Prije 20 dana
His story was tragic...
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn Prije 20 dana
This is so interesting
Hamza Baybars Boyraz
Hamza Baybars Boyraz Prije 20 dana
sa=Selamun aleyküm=muslims hello
Hamilton collections
Hamilton collections Prije 20 dana
Oversimplified: Click Here Me: Yes
Joseph Lucock
Joseph Lucock Prije 21 dan
Apparently, during World War I, a British soldier had his gun pointed at a defenceless Adolf Hitler, he decided against though because he thought it wouldn’t be right. Later on, Hitler bombed the old man’s city. Love the payback for his life.
General Grievous
General Grievous Prije 21 dan
I am amazing who agrees?
General Grievous
General Grievous Prije 19 dana
@Hagrid's Bloody Chicken thanks my man
Hagrid's Bloody Chicken
Hagrid's Bloody Chicken Prije 20 dana
me bruh🤠
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy Prije 21 dan
Alternative title Art school rejects a man’s audition. Lives to regret decision
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy Prije 21 dan
1:30 albert einstein
Mr Samaritan
Mr Samaritan Prije 21 dan
You keep mentioning the "Right" but Nazism/Fascism is an extreme LEFT position. If it helps to visualize it, think of its like this: moderate>liberial>socialist>communist>fascist. Another thing that gives it away was racism. Just like how the Democrats in the USA were pro-slavery in the civil war and are pro-separation today (think POC-only spaces, affirmative action, reparations, BLM, etc. etc.) the Nazis were anti-semites (like certain Democrat senators today). The Nazis hating and fighting the Communists also makes sense when you consider that the left eats their own. Also, there can only be "one Lord of the Ring and he does not share power".
Johnny GeeWiz76
Johnny GeeWiz76 Prije 13 dana
HaHaHa! Yeah, I'm sure that if Adolf Hitler and his supporting cast were alive and well in modern day America, they'd be ready to carpool in a Toyota Prius (complete with Biden/Harris bumper sticker) to the local polls to vote for a "blue wave". Not a single MAGA hat among them, but maybe a couple wearing AOC or RBG t-shirts. HaHa! Putin? Is this you?
Evan Plasencia
Evan Plasencia Prije 21 dan
This is very informative ive always liked history ty
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