The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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OverSimplified Prije godine
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Dopo Prije mjesec
jerry you must Be a rumbas cuz calling someone a nerd is just calling them smarter idiot
Napoleón Bonaparte
Napoleón Bonaparte Prije mjesec
You should make plushies
AML KING Prije mjesec
Stephanie Lendon
Stephanie Lendon Prije 2 mjeseci
You da best
Dennis Diamond B. Belvis
Dennis Diamond B. Belvis Prije 4 mjeseci
Thank you very much, sir. I needed the information. 1x
katsura takumi ch.
katsura takumi ch. Prije sat
Soviet : created in 1922 video : 1917 soviet : INTENSIVE LENIN SOUND
Hack You
Hack You Prije 2 sati
0:48 crapitalism by karl Marx 😅
AntlerYT Prije 5 sati
the small note on the containment box at 5:22 reads: "sponsored by ur freedom loving pals, the USA
Matt James
Matt James Prije 8 sati
7:48 I can't be the only one who thinks that the contiguous USA and China have similarly shaped borders
Abdullah Daniyal
Abdullah Daniyal Prije 8 sati
0:50 Link of this version of Soviet anthem??
Gil Morais
Gil Morais Prije 8 sati
13:55 So West Berli- Mcdonalds Im loving it!- n was doing... This is actually what happened to me.
Priuhde Prije 8 sati
Crapitalism by Karl Marx.
VOLAIRE'S MINION Prije 11 sati
U2 spyplanes 😭
VOLAIRE'S MINION Prije 11 sati
Title: Cold War Video: World War I
Jane Lee
Jane Lee Prije 12 sati
President Truman : And these elections will be free and fair right? Stalin: Oh yes. Free and fair. A few weeks later... Stalin: Communist communist communist communist. If that’s not free and fair I don’t know what is! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jane Lee
Jane Lee Prije 12 sati
Am I sure I want to send national secrets by a insecure, public, coffee shop Wi-Fi? AM I EVER
Liam Chang
Liam Chang Prije 15 sati
Minelaughter’s Geography
Minelaughter’s Geography Prije 15 sati
2:18 Truman looks like the nerd in your school who doesn’t agree with the cool kid Stalin
4of92000 Prije 16 sati
I like how one of the West Berlin stores is literally called "Expensive"
Aidan Evans
Aidan Evans Prije 18 sati
I may or may not have basically used this as inspiration for my history assignments that I may or may not have been paying attention to my teacher and got an A*. Thanks oversimplified
Joesph Schreiner
Joesph Schreiner Prije 19 sati
For anyone else who was wondering like I was the guy at 11:24 is Klaus Fuchs
Curtis Lowe
Curtis Lowe Prije 19 sati
Members of the Manhatten Project aided the USSR? Aw, c'mon. That's spin. They were Soviet Spies. There was no aiding. Without those traitorous pukes (many of Jewish heritage but who had embraced atheism) the USSR would have required decades to develop a fission weapon.
Mieszko Watson
Mieszko Watson Prije 22 sati
I swear, Oversimplified has the least toxic subscribers ever
London Music
London Music Prije dan
Hey Oversimplified, Your videos are amazing, you make history fun(something I thought was impossible)! I was wondering if you guys could do a video on Harriet Tubman, Her story is so amazing and I think that that would be a super cool video.
Lamer Boy
Lamer Boy Prije dan
There is mistake in Turkeys map
Keon Manogura
Keon Manogura Prije dan
The coumtries: all in favor in kicking russia out of iran Stalin: you wanna know something... You guys suck *russia was ejected*
Kshitij Sharma
Kshitij Sharma Prije dan
Your videos are so informative you give so much information in just in a 20 minute video keep it up 👍👍👍👍
Dakota Gordon
Dakota Gordon Prije dan
They should make an Anime about The Cold War. Everyone who agrees, give a: "🤝." Everyone who doesn't agree, give a: "🖕." *CAST YO VOTES!!!*
General Roy
General Roy Prije dan
roy ghosn
roy ghosn Prije dan
Can you do the Lebanese civil war?
TTVBomBerxX TV Prije dan
Never ask: A woman her age A man his salary Stalin how his political opponents dissapeared
Norway countryball
Norway countryball Prije dan
Aiden Loza
Aiden Loza Prije dan
Who else is here because of the Stalin saying communist for one hour video?
Wunderwaffle Prije dan
No.if u came from that vid then you’ve been missing out
9yrog Prije dan
Does the a stand for atomic or a$$ Why did that make me laugh
S S Prije dan
Who noticed that lenin was reading Crapitalism by Karl Marx
Packlock6 Prije dan
I like how you use the nord VPN logo as hair
Tanisha Ahmed
Tanisha Ahmed Prije 2 dana
You are buff boi
Clever, he made the mountain of nords vpn logo as a hair and stalin lmao
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams Prije 2 dana
Did anyone notice how that spy agent won a pageant in a dress
Elvan Ren
Elvan Ren Prije 2 dana
capitalism by Karl Marx haha
is it real?
is it real? Prije 2 dana
6:03 “that’s what she said”
Ricefields Gaming
Ricefields Gaming Prije 2 dana
Black ops cold war.
nichoindo123 Prije 2 dana
i watch this for 69 times because i dont get it
Aleksa Nikolić
Aleksa Nikolić Prije 2 dana
This guy should have bilion views
Kanav Kukar
Kanav Kukar Prije 2 dana
Anyone saw "Sadness, misery everywhere, My wife was eaten by a bear"🤣🤣??
John Doe
John Doe Prije 2 dana
11:57 sounds awfully familiar 😂😂😂
DoggoMakes Art
DoggoMakes Art Prije 2 dana
The fact I’m learning for fun is sad but healthy at the same time
Happy skeppy
Happy skeppy Prije 2 dana
This is the Tutor we all want
Bryan Paramo
Bryan Paramo Prije 2 dana
watching this to get ready for COD Cold War
mia elnatour
mia elnatour Prije 2 dana
What about France ?
Senity23 Prije 2 dana
I know this is a year late but i suspect I have found a minor error. The Korean War was pushed by the N Korean leader towards Stalin because he knew that Stalin had A-Bombs not the other way around which I believe was stated in the video. (Please do correct me if I am wrong)
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson Prije 2 dana
Jesus Christ died for your sins! Accept salvation!
deinemudda Prije 2 dana
I'm from Berlin and always was fascinated with the rich history of it. also there is so much to do and see, I don't even want to leave.
Roseru Prije 2 dana
Filip Nosic
Filip Nosic Prije 2 dana
Everybody who is right now loving usa is capitalist pig comrade
LeoGamer Prije 3 dana
Ι wanna chill at Star Ducks
Peyn Prije 3 dana
01:25 woah, deja vu
Secco Official
Secco Official Prije 3 dana
The S in Superman is a reference to Stalin
Itz Muhammad Banana101
Itz Muhammad Banana101 Prije 3 dana
Black ops Cold War ;)
Theo Prije 3 dana
U funny
Jack Marcus
Jack Marcus Prije 3 dana
Stalin: Does the 'A' stand for atomic Stalin: or ass? The other men: Oh brother THIS GUY STINKS! 3:58 3:58
Mr. Pain
Mr. Pain Prije 3 dana
I thought that Churchill was bad man now I am seeing that ........... He was a cool 😎 man
Cedric Velarde
Cedric Velarde Prije 3 dana
7:48 and now...
KingsGoated YT
KingsGoated YT Prije 3 dana
Instead of a hammer and sickle, it's a hammer and pickle.
Liv Magaro
Liv Magaro Prije 3 dana
Super Ludwig
Super Ludwig Prije 3 dana
1:36 me if Minecraft got it's last update.
Soviet Union Russia
Soviet Union Russia Prije 3 dana
9:43 😂😂😂😂😂
YT_TerminusXD Prije 3 dana
‘My father punished me severely’ good times 😂
65bg 502
65bg 502 Prije 3 dana
الي جاي من تثقف لايك
Joshua Cervantes
Joshua Cervantes Prije 3 dana
14:26 dude, you're hilarious
MeCanWin Mac
MeCanWin Mac Prije 4 dana
Had to dislike because of all the fuckin ads. Good video tho!!! Fantastic I dare say.
Zeuscraft Prije 4 dana
That vpn segway was smooth
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Prije 4 dana
9:53 I faked my death.
Dr. Basil
Dr. Basil Prije 4 dana
Oh my god the communist part doesn’t even sound like communist anymore after listening to it for one hour
Elijah Joseph Faustino
Elijah Joseph Faustino Prije 4 dana
14:22 So was that supposed to be a Trump joke about keeping out the Mexicans
Ayaan Sheikh
Ayaan Sheikh Prije 4 dana
Zornamations Prije 4 dana
just noticed that the book at the start says "Crapitalism"
The Internet Police
The Internet Police Prije 4 dana
America gets mad at numerous south american countries for picking an economic system the US dislikes: The War
Adeek Prije 4 dana
Time for
David Fernandes
David Fernandes Prije 4 dana
what a sneaky way to make an ADD to a VPN xD loved it
Green ain’t sus tho
Green ain’t sus tho Prije 4 dana
All the dislikes are the people who need therapy
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews Prije 4 dana
That's a good burn, democracy isn't perfect but we've never had to build a wall to keep our people in. I like that.
Hoping for a Garden
Hoping for a Garden Prije 2 dana
*good bern
SpacUnturt Prije 4 dana
People who preordered CoD coldwar can like
Ф.W.M.C Prije 4 dana
But what about Western European puppets and US involvement in elections?
Picklr Prije 4 dana
Can I get a Commuinism pog
Shadow jay and seb2 gaming
Shadow jay and seb2 gaming Prije 4 dana
This is good
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 5 dana
Garv Sharma
Garv Sharma Prije 5 dana
Oversimplified: "..broke the economy, caused a..." I am sorry, *W H A T*
Random Vids
Random Vids Prije 5 dana
Joshua Kevin Serdan
Joshua Kevin Serdan Prije 5 dana
7:55 Libreration.
Rico Hell
Rico Hell Prije 5 dana
eastern blok . my question is WHERE IS ESTONIA
Liam Krumnow-Mcguire
Liam Krumnow-Mcguire Prije 5 dana
JFK: How about you back your tanks up by an inch and we'll do the same? Krushchev: Sorry... ...There's a tax for that
Roblux_ Fighter
Roblux_ Fighter Prije 5 dana
6:16 Strange name- something that sounds like a comic convention is the name of a Soviet backed, Communist economic system designed to spread propaganda messages around the puppet states so that they don't criticise the Soviets.
SCP Productions
SCP Productions Prije 5 dana
I just realized he technically owns the land around West Berlin so he could have just built a wall around them
Juiceius Sneezer
Juiceius Sneezer Prije 5 dana
4:20 what we came for.
SupremeMax14 Prije 5 dana
Just here before getting the new cod
Nadine Meade
Nadine Meade Prije 5 dana
this guy is awesome
evan krusher
evan krusher Prije 5 dana
"And sometimes when I'm home alone, I like to put on my wife's dresses, sit in the corner, and cry for hours." Edit: I'm quoting the video. I ask you to not attack other in this reply section. Also timestamp is 11:39
Fox Gaming
Fox Gaming Prije 5 dana
maybe do a face reveal at 5 million subscriber
Matthew Escobar
Matthew Escobar Prije 5 dana
Gabriel Ocena YT 300
Gabriel Ocena YT 300 Prije 5 dana
Oh is good that axis power Germany joined the Allies
Varun Namjoshi
Varun Namjoshi Prije 5 dana
I wish it had a reference to pooja when he said "you cannot tell me what to do"😂😂😂😂
Trased Prije 5 dana
Why dose lenin remind me of superman?
Greekgaming Goat69
Greekgaming Goat69 Prije 5 dana
Nice vid
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