WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Jfr Films
Jfr Films Prije 29 minuta
Hitler: exists Hitler: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Letal Metal
Letal Metal Prije 54 minuta
The entire universe got annexed by Nazi Germany *_tHe allIes dId n0tHiNg_*
Helin Bakir
Helin Bakir Prije sat
He you are the best guy
itsme Mae
itsme Mae Prije 3 sati
All the explanation are good . But you speak to fast,make my brain explode!!!
Sebastian Prije 4 sati
Over the plane
Over the plane Prije 6 sati
Australia was an ally literally fought Japan
Scout trooper Tk099
Scout trooper Tk099 Prije 10 sati
So hitler kinda shot himself in the foot... *for now*
bigG_Ry Prije 11 sati
What’s the last song called?
adalaze Prije 13 sati
I want that thing no, you can't have that thing ok fine you can have that thing but no more hey I want that thing
James Chen
James Chen Prije 15 sati
This is sooo goood OMG I love it hahahahahaha
James Chen
James Chen Prije 15 sati
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and it’s very educational haha
James Chen
James Chen Prije 15 sati
This video is so funny hahaha
Jacob Stoddard
Jacob Stoddard Prije 17 sati
The 24K that disliked Probably wash their Hands after a Shower.
Olyvia Njoroge
Olyvia Njoroge Prije 18 sati
😑😑😑whats the rush?
brianna linville
brianna linville Prije 18 sati
Actually, the British wreaking those ships in Algeria was strategic. They didn’t want the Germans to take control of the large French fleet.
Hamilton collections
Hamilton collections Prije 19 sati
imagine your teacher was on of the worlds most brutal fascist dictator
Gabriel DeVoogel
Gabriel DeVoogel Prije 22 sati
Germany now is your chance for an all out attack Joker so cool
Jude Prije 22 sati
Forget get about the 51st highland and st vanorly
Nathan 3778
Nathan 3778 Prije 23 sati
3:54 you used the belgian flag for hitler's room
Yeeted Tomato
Yeeted Tomato Prije 23 sati
If chamberlain got home when germany attacked germany than that mjstve been a looooooong ride back, what kind of plane takes six months to go from germany to the uk?
hexamain !
hexamain ! Prije 23 sati
ironic how this gets reccomended to me the second i start my ww2 unit
The Ashman
The Ashman Prije 23 sati
13:07 Why TF does his guy look like Bill Murray
Herbert Jeba
Herbert Jeba Prije dan
During churchhill's time computer took a whole room
Samiul Islam
Samiul Islam Prije dan
M 118 new word 1. insatiable 0:12
Beth Kelly
Beth Kelly Prije dan
Meep King
Meep King Prije dan
If over simplified got a team of animators and taught history In school i would generally look forward to history
first name chloe
first name chloe Prije dan
AHHHHH *and here’s the situation* Love this
khim7331 Prije dan
Im Lancer
Im Lancer Prije dan
Quick reminder that the german flags in hitlers room is actually the belgium flag: 🇧🇪
Roary Friel
Roary Friel Prije dan
Never surrender=No Surrender!!
Troy Bar
Troy Bar Prije dan
Anyone else notice the dirty way to play is the most efficient however at the end the good always wins
Dakota Gordon
Dakota Gordon Prije dan
I want that thing.
Tea Prije dan
"These people have balls of steel" *Rule Britannia Intensifies*
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije 2 dana
School: can't use wikipedia or any other websites for info. Me: * *laughs in oversimplified* *
DoubleOne Prije 2 dana
This made me like history, and i don't regret it. Edit: Also, Blitzkrieg is epic.
ELECTRO SOUNDS * Prije 2 dana
I did hated eurole it was takinh over our cointry all wrld wanted our cou try cuz we where rich cuz we are egyptions but I passed this after the lesson with 4 minutes
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill Prije 2 dana
Greeks do not fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks.
Flyman Prije 2 dana
Imagine being a student in Mussolini's class and then finding out he was secretly a socialist and then became a dictator
Peter Tóth
Peter Tóth Prije 2 dana
imagine someone giving dislike on this video
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett Prije 2 dana
The daemons
5A13 HOU TIK SANG DICKSON Prije 2 dana
I like history
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett Prije 2 dana
Well me to
Domination Doom
Domination Doom Prije 2 dana
I have to say, For only uploading for 4 years( To my understanding he has) your content is amazing and blowing up
kylan macarthur
kylan macarthur Prije 2 dana
You are the reason I passed socials
Manju Roy
Manju Roy Prije 2 dana
Churchill was a complete idiot. Why do people glorify him, Churchill was the Hitler for British India. When there was the biggest famine in British India which was the Bengal Famine, Churchill was the Viceroy of British India and most of the people died of starvation, many had to eat grass and when Churchill was asked about this he did not care. He also took tons of grains from already starving India and gave it to already privileged British soldiers during world war 2. Many nations tried to help but Churchill just said no. Many dead bodies were just laying on the road because the people who were still alive were too weak to even cremate the dead bodies. (Apology if my grammar is not good. English is not my first language)
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett Prije 2 dana
Umm well maybe because when teachers talk about we they don’t really shine light on British raj all that much in my area at least because you just told me that
2017 SHU-YI_CHLOE_BOULLIUNG Prije 2 dana
i think u got the German flag wrong in some parts
Nam Ngư UwU
Nam Ngư UwU Prije 2 dana
*just the foot for now*
harry Prije 2 dana
*The MussoMeister*
TXTsoobin._. Prije 2 dana
So basically hitler wanted to copy Britain....ok
Caolán O'Chearnaigh
Caolán O'Chearnaigh Prije 2 dana
Petition for OverSimplified to make a video on the Roman Empire. 👇
trailer gaming
trailer gaming Prije dan
@Caolán O'Chearnaigh I don't know lol
Caolán O'Chearnaigh
Caolán O'Chearnaigh Prije 2 dana
@trailer gaming WTF?! HE'S DEAD?!?
trailer gaming
trailer gaming Prije 2 dana
@Caolán O'Chearnaigh if Oversimplified is still alive
Caolán O'Chearnaigh
Caolán O'Chearnaigh Prije 2 dana
@trailer gaming I hope...
trailer gaming
trailer gaming Prije 2 dana
@Caolán O'Chearnaigh maybe in future
Chaffee 8726
Chaffee 8726 Prije 2 dana
3:40 Wait... he's just spanking his feet, did anyone notice this????
BigBrain SlappingVibes
BigBrain SlappingVibes Prije 2 dana
germany:invades soviet union soviet union has entered the chat after germany attacked:germany has left the chat
Elise Desrochers
Elise Desrochers Prije 2 dana
"A short man with a funny moustache" *I'm smaller than Hitler*
Robert Burdett
Robert Burdett Prije 2 dana
Wait how tall you I’m 5’2
John not Keith
John not Keith Prije 3 dana
6:14 can somebody make a 10 hour version of this
SuperRookieXX 123
SuperRookieXX 123 Prije 3 dana
P Pp
Michael Dingee
Michael Dingee Prije 3 dana
im the 1,000 winner
飞接 Prije 3 dana
How to do things
How to do things Prije 2 dana
Nope its nanking
Agastya Morajkar
Agastya Morajkar Prije 3 dana
Britain: I can prevent the war by leaflets. Germany: More toilet paper!!!!!
Shreya Tyagi
Shreya Tyagi Prije 3 dana
Like your videos so much From India
Patrick Hui
Patrick Hui Prije 3 dana
balls of steel are very heavy
AJwarshy Prije 3 dana
Come be a teacher at my school bro I’d actually like history class
Robbie DeMars
Robbie DeMars Prije 3 dana
I like how Churchill is hyper realistic and Hitler is 2 dots and a trapezoid
Batuhan Emre
Batuhan Emre Prije 3 dana
Turkey didnt lose tho
kasper Markus
kasper Markus Prije 3 dana
It did tho
moxi Prije 3 dana
3:14 that Hitler joke tho
Sam Duley
Sam Duley Prije 3 dana
'I want that thing' Hitler- a date
Mr communist bleach
Mr communist bleach Prije 3 dana
It's religion to watch this once in a wile
Creative 8D
Creative 8D Prije 3 dana
It’s September 30 I will celebrate chamberlain making peace Oversimplified: bit Germany took over northern checklosovakia
erfan Sobhkhiz
erfan Sobhkhiz Prije 3 dana
fun Fact: You Are Not Watching On Full screen
vatmhj Prije 4 dana
Man your videos are amazing, thank you for all of your work
HK Prije 4 dana
bruh Switzerland chilling right in the middle of the whole shitshow lol
Mama bucci is waifu
Mama bucci is waifu Prije 4 dana
this is better so people can get A+.
ROHAN SAXENA Prije 4 dana
Every American foreign policy ever "you're gonna trade with us and you're gonna like it"
Muaz Syatibi
Muaz Syatibi Prije 4 dana
Chamberlain vs Wilt Chamberlain, who would win
How to do things
How to do things Prije 2 dana
Anwit Mondal
Anwit Mondal Prije 4 dana
I hope one day some country would humiliate the British in some war. The entire world would celebrate that day.
TXTsoobin._. Prije 2 dana
@Anwit Mondal then so should Japan Spain France and so on, there is so many countries that colonised to,
Anwit Mondal
Anwit Mondal Prije 2 dana
@TXTsoobin._. It should pay for colonialism
TXTsoobin._. Prije 2 dana
Why Britain?
DDT Prije 4 dana
Uhh Guys,Can anybody tell me the song at 2:33
Marc Selwan
Marc Selwan Prije 4 dana
1812 Overture short version
Ichanged myname
Ichanged myname Prije 4 dana
Ichanged myname
Ichanged myname Prije dan
@How to do things not
How to do things
How to do things Prije dan
@Ichanged myname ?????
Ichanged myname
Ichanged myname Prije 2 dana
@How to do things so it's not defeated YET
How to do things
How to do things Prije 2 dana
Why waist a nuke on a nearly defeated country
AcidXx Prije 4 dana
Why didnt they show this shit in class? I would have been WAY more interested then the way they teach all this in regular classes!
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews Prije 4 dana
The phony war was quite important. As the real invasion of France kept getting delayed. The French started to think their intelligence wasn't good so they basically ignored any later reports. Also Germany was going to invade like they did in ww1 but ended up changing the plan to attack through the Ardennes forest. Germany probably would've successfully conquered France but not at the same speed and would probably had many more casualties
T-bone Villasenor
T-bone Villasenor Prije 4 dana
My sons birthday is September 30
JenBenz Prije 4 dana
Japan ruined the war for the axis
Neiznany *
Neiznany * Prije 4 dana
Mussolini is Dwayne Johnson but younger
GavRave Prije 4 dana
I was trying to find this but HRpost reaction videos that added nothing but loud laughing and an over sized face cam acted as a blockade to stop me from seeing quality, but I went to subscriptions and clicked you're channel then found this video, fuck reaction videos.
TryinaD Prije 4 dana
Came here just to watch the Skillshare ad about Winston Churchill after Baumgartner’s restoration of one of his paintings had a similar ad lmaoo 😂
Cloud Taker
Cloud Taker Prije 4 dana
Every Norwegian knows who Max Manus and Gunnar is
Danny Ruben
Danny Ruben Prije 4 dana
3:58 why does it look like a flintlock pistol
Jase Burdette
Jase Burdette Prije 4 dana
that Mussolini plot twist
Black Hole Ball
Black Hole Ball Prije 4 dana
Anyone in 2020? Who is in 2020, I am giving virtual hugs to you all who nee it. If you watched this till the end and fell asleep when watchin it the 1000000009th time, you can like.
2:33_2:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂TALK BOUT A BOLD....OR SHOULD I SAY BALD MONTAGE
Black Hole Ball
Black Hole Ball Prije 4 dana
3:55 "Crazy patriotic" "I ❤ DEUTSCHLAND" *shows belgian flag*
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard Prije 5 dana
I’m annoyed frankly, because there are idiots nowadays who don’t know what fascism actually is and is calling democratic governments fascist dictatorships. They are idiots I know but still. It’s dumb that people are like that.
How to do things
How to do things Prije 2 dana
Well italy and germany were fascist so I don't know what you mean maybe explain
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 5 dana
Yohannes Belayneh
Yohannes Belayneh Prije 5 dana
Italy conquered Abyssinia because italy was humiliated 50 years before ww2 at the battle of adwa
How to do things
How to do things Prije 2 dana
You are so wrong
AniMasters Prije 5 dana
America is the type of dude who arrives late to the project but gets all of the credit
NotMartin lol
NotMartin lol Prije 5 dana
France: Germany u started WW1 Germany: How many times do I have to tell you I didn't started the war Austro-Hungary did it
Atatürk is the best
Atatürk is the best Prije 5 dana
Churchill looks like Ataturk in the thumbnail.
Segal central
Segal central Prije 5 dana
Mussolini was arrested Hitler was arrested Mussolini said he could fix everything Hitler said he could fix everything Hitler did military service Mussolini did military service Mussolini had an iconic bald haircut Hitler had an iconic moustache Mussolini went to the king and asked to be prime minister Hitler went to the prime minister and asked to be Chancellor Mussolini moved from Italy to Switzerland to Italy Hitler moved from Austria to Germany
How to do things
How to do things Prije 2 dana
Spaghetti Sqaud Vol 2
Spaghetti Sqaud Vol 2 Prije 5 dana
Oversimplified characters: ARM EXTEND
Rozu Prije 5 dana
Steps to become a dictator 1. have Daddy issues 2. say you can fix everything 3. Go to jail
Panda Panda
Panda Panda Prije 5 dana
Sky Fly
Sky Fly Prije 5 dana
Thx I got A+ on all on my war test 😄
MinecraftMadness Prije 5 dana
5:27: So here's the situation
House Sanity
House Sanity Prije 5 dana
Hitler was Austrian though?
Thorben Dreßler
Thorben Dreßler Prije 3 dana
Yes? Why?
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