WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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Flag of Newfoundland by Lrenhrda
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Block of Pykrete by CyranoDeWikipedia
After Bombing by Boris Kudoyarov / RIA Novosti archive
Kitten by Ozan Kilic
Char T-34 by Antonov14
Ilyushin Il-2 by Mike1979 Russia
German Cross by Lyon Cyborg
Reichstag by Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive)
Samuel Sandoval, Okinawa, 1945 by USMC Archives
Trinity Nuclear Test by The Official CTBTO Photostream
Hiroshima Dome by Oren Rozen
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shrek isgod
shrek isgod Prije sat
7:34 it’s so simple but yet it’s really funny
republik federasi palestina kurmulandia
republik federasi palestina kurmulandia Prije 3 sati
Germany : japan! You have to help me to attack soviet! Japan : no i still need focus to asia Germany : what ever December 7 1941 Germany : wtf!!!! Japan why you make america join war!?!! You dont know he was strong!!! Japan : so what i already very strong than him i will invade america after fall of midway Japan : *loses midway* Japan : f**k i mess this Germany : *angry german kid smash his keyboard noise*
The Coconut Master
The Coconut Master Prije 8 sati
This is... awesome
Bobenne Prije 12 sati
Japan: *destroys pearl harbor* America: hehe bomb go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Sophie Prije 13 sati
Video: about WWII Oversimplified: Oh yeah, on one beach there only was a frrnch guy eith champagne.
James Chen
James Chen Prije 13 sati
NUTS!!!! hahahahahha
James Chen
James Chen Prije 13 sati
Hahahaha Italy’s Europe’s soft underbelly ahahahanahahah this guy is funny
Ryan Hussey
Ryan Hussey Prije 17 sati
why does this guy talk the speed of fucking light
Artem Volchek
Artem Volchek Prije 18 sati
Not a word on what happened between the 2 nukes (06.08.1945, 09.08.1945) and Japanese surrender (02.10.1945)? Those 800-900k Japanese soldiers in Manchuria must have surrendered by themselves or were evaporated into the thin air then, I guess... And by the way, keeping up the typical western narrative concerning "THE almighty Russian Winter stopping ze Germans in the East" is but an original approach, I must say. Never heard of that one before. Truly, shocking news. Those Russians probably developed antifreeze in their blood system when the winter struck in 1941. And in 1812 when the French and the gang came along as well, I guess. A version that fits handsomely to the classic Anglo-Saxon (and German and French) view of contemporary history. They came, they say, they froze to death. Two greatest armies ever assembled. Uh-huh. Sounds Legit
Lexi99 Prije 21 sat
Hitler could have won if he just subscribed to skillshare for 99 cents a month
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Prije 23 sati
Help please
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Prije 23 sati
Help I'm poor
Ruebezahl 89
Ruebezahl 89 Prije dan
We should have not invaded Russia. I know the arguments for it but still. Russia had too many millions in reserves. We should have ended the war after we failed to invade England. We had most of Europe by then...
Ocelotek Prije dan
But You didn t say about Warsaw Uprising which was the biggest uprising in Europe
Spy Tank
Spy Tank Prije dan
Oblivering Prije dan
God watching humans:
Uwannatradehomie Prije dan
I love how he narrates it he makes it super easy to understand also with the fun animations
tina chen
tina chen Prije dan
Your videos are so simplified
KimiKimi Prije dan
As far as i know japan was the best and safest country for now
ACarFanatic _
ACarFanatic _ Prije dan
What the Americans actually did with the U-Boat’s was build Liberty-class ships, which by then had a 50 year old design and the same age of engines. They were designed to be built fast with most being completed in a few weeks. One was completed in 4 days, though it did snap in half in it’s harbour...
Not_Electricz :D
Not_Electricz :D Prije dan
The note the Germans send the American didn't acutely said nuts
j34eer is cue
j34eer is cue Prije dan
My Grandparents met in Pearl Harbor in early 1942, if that never happened, they would have never met, they were both in the navy. (I’m only 14 and they were both born in 1922, I have old parents)
Amir Afifi
Amir Afifi Prije dan
Where are Hirhto's glasses in the MacArthur and Hirohito picture
Pronimator Prije dan
POV: You have a history test tomorrow and you are watching this
Imperial eagle
Imperial eagle Prije dan
Music at 7:20 please Please any1 I love that song Guys
jerald smith
jerald smith Prije dan
From Russia with love - Huma Huma
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije dan
Mean while Spain and Portugal: 🍿
cat in cart
cat in cart Prije dan
I love watching these!
Dakota Gordon
Dakota Gordon Prije dan
WW2 gave the world Manga & Anime. B thankful.
Sofia Teronpi
Sofia Teronpi Prije 2 dana
i am my moms kid and hitlar is still alive ask google
DingDong MyOpinionIsWrong
DingDong MyOpinionIsWrong Prije 2 dana
In short: Don't mess with the Allies.
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona Prije 2 dana
Ship building speed runners: You take some metal, you take some oil, you get a ship. *Then a German u boat shot down the ship which hit someone in the storage room.*
Idiot Person
Idiot Person Prije 2 dana
Man I’m a nerd 🤦🏼‍♀️
S.S Studios
S.S Studios Prije 2 dana
Whats the musis at 7:22?
jerald smith
jerald smith Prije dan
It’s actually From Russia with Love -Huma Huma
CJ Loeffler
CJ Loeffler Prije dan
@trailer gaming I don’t have any....
trailer gaming
trailer gaming Prije dan
@CJ Loeffler well that's ok but you can use headphones if you want
CJ Loeffler
CJ Loeffler Prije dan
@trailer gaming I do t have good ears lol
trailer gaming
trailer gaming Prije dan
@CJ Loeffler means you don't know but thanks for asking
Jjeremo Bobslay
Jjeremo Bobslay Prije 2 dana
Spain just chillin lol
C’mon man!- corn pop
C’mon man!- corn pop Prije 2 dana
Can someone please tell me why this makes me more patriotic? Lol
Rian Prije 2 dana
why did hitler just have to invade russia
Rhomega Prije 2 dana
Interesting that the 2 parts of this video has a 17 million view difference.
Adrian Hanford
Adrian Hanford Prije 2 dana
Why does the sickle on the Soviet flag look green... WAIT A MINUTE
CJ Loeffler
CJ Loeffler Prije 2 dana
Hasim Kece cof
Hasim Kece cof Prije 2 dana
So basically the American is a so called big nation and a powerfull army without even taking a battlefield on their own soil and massacre to their people , wow thats why they are bitching about winning the WW2
Rafael Alvarado
Rafael Alvarado Prije 2 dana
Lol Italy switch sides
Rafael Alvarado
Rafael Alvarado Prije 2 dana
@CJ Loeffler oh yah XD
CJ Loeffler
CJ Loeffler Prije 2 dana
not in ww2 they switched In Ww1 when they allied with Germany but joined the allies
TimberWølf_ TheKittyPet ÙwÚ
TimberWølf_ TheKittyPet ÙwÚ Prije 2 dana
“But he dug his head in the ground” Me: I think you mean.........SNOW
Maadian Botha
Maadian Botha Prije 3 dana
Bro I literally used only these 2 videos and I scored a 92%
Emilia Reyes
Emilia Reyes Prije 2 dana
damn good job but what school teaches about ww2? most dont-
Matias Prudencio
Matias Prudencio Prije 3 dana
Why is finland green colorcoded instead of no color? awesome, very informative, very easy to understand and funny. Thanks
DoggiePlayz Prije 3 dana
10:02 *America was not the imposter*
Ur Friend
Ur Friend Prije 3 dana
I’d love to see a mini war episode on the winter war
Piggy plaz
Piggy plaz Prije 3 dana
CJ Loeffler
CJ Loeffler Prije 2 dana
Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia that is the flag of Slovenia not France lol
John 3:16
John 3:16 Prije 3 dana
Tragedies aside, the World Wars are my favorite part of history.
Gita Halder
Gita Halder Prije 3 dana
Is that his mustaushe or mouth i like to think it of a moutn
Stinky Goons
Stinky Goons Prije 3 dana
This is so interesting and japan honestly did so good for such a small country
Luckyman 141
Luckyman 141 Prije 3 dana
Just letting you know that Australians were in the battle of El Alamein wasn’t just the British
Coyirons73 Gaming
Coyirons73 Gaming Prije 3 dana
What’s the song called at 7:20
jerald smith
jerald smith Prije dan
From Russia with love - Huma Huma
AI3x0_0 Prije 3 dana
When they went to Okinawa= Dessmond doss: Let me introduce myself. (Dessmond doss is a pacifist medic who saved many people in okinawa.)
Nana Anime
Nana Anime Prije 3 dana
0:21 this is not USA It’s CANADA 🇨🇦!!!
James Is a Aussie
James Is a Aussie Prije 3 dana
Execute order 66 3:25
Cameron Mathias
Cameron Mathias Prije 3 dana
I think I figured out who was driving the bus after Japans conquest; i think it was France
JADEN DUVALL Prije 3 dana
All of WW2 can be explained in 5 words "and then it got worse"
Berkay Erdogan
Berkay Erdogan Prije 3 dana
Turkey in the middle be like:I'm a just sit this one out
Josh ello
Josh ello Prije 3 dana
and englad invade myamar not USA and burma win the war englad lost and japan team up with burma
Dakota Giegiel
Dakota Giegiel Prije 3 dana
WW2 peeps: WAAAAAARRRR!!! The rest of the world: you can have your silly war but don’t destroy ........ SKILSHARE!!!
Josh ello
Josh ello Prije 3 dana
ahhh i live in myamer aka call burma japan help myamar to a war with myamar
Luos Prije 4 dana
Me every time I see an Australian flag: STRAYYAAAAAAA
Caleb H
Caleb H Prije 4 dana
thats my favorite ship HMS Hood
Aidan Paquette
Aidan Paquette Prije 4 dana
kinda a long shot but an oversimplified battle of vimy ridge might be cool?
Trung Minh
Trung Minh Prije 4 dana
Có ai việt nam không 😚
FakeMoon Prije 4 dana
Germans during both World Wars:We were this close to greatness 👌 this close twice
Emilia Reyes
Emilia Reyes Prije 2 dana
it sucks they lost :(
RandomPerson999 Prije 4 dana
0:21 canadians: *cries in sorry*
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 4 dana
Alexander Lobov
Alexander Lobov Prije 5 dana
Really? So little information about the Eastern front? Maybe something about the battle of Kursk? Maybe about the liberation of Leningrad? And how stupid do you have to be to think that the Soviet Union began to win due to the cold? Maybe due to dedication and perseverance, tactics? Can you tell us something about the resistance or how the Nazis exterminated Soviet citizens?
Ze Country Human Italy
Ze Country Human Italy Prije 5 dana
Oversimplified, dunno if you knew this but the Russians never were apart of the 1st Balkan war, the combatants were: Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece, and the Ottoman Empire
Bryn Ankers
Bryn Ankers Prije 5 dana
3:16 Aussie boys 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Miss Princess
Miss Princess Prije 5 dana
0:18 look at Canda😳
xAesthxticBeauty Prije 5 dana
The way this effected everyone is bad. some ways it effected my family is when they made the bombs they had uranium mines. My grandpa had worked in a uranium mine and he died from cancer at age 62. Another thing is that my grandpa was a code talker. ( btw were native, navajo. )
xAesthxticBeauty Prije 5 dana
me and my moms favorite part about this: the Navajo code talkers. :) ( we're Navajo , and my Great grandpa was a code talker) ps: im not saying that the event was cool, but more about how my family took part in it
Ethan Mobile
Ethan Mobile Prije 5 dana
Why didnt hitler try to kill Winston
LRoman345 Prije 5 dana
8:45 My great grandfather was part of that battle and got captured, he was then sent to Germany but escaped
LRoman345 Prije 4 dana
@WorstZedTW Yes
WorstZedTW Prije 5 dana
Does that mean you wouldn't exist if he failed to escape?
Andy Brown
Andy Brown Prije 5 dana
why do people always forget canada
Trisingapore Prije 4 dana
@Daddy_Shrek Same with China
Daddy_Shrek Prije 5 dana
Same with New Zealand
Einen Kirby
Einen Kirby Prije 5 dana
USA: ehh it's over sea we can't fight tha- Japan: **Attacks pearl harbor** USA: *R U CHALLENGING MI?*
Rasyi Putrachandra
Rasyi Putrachandra Prije 5 dana
Wait indonesia was still not a country
Alu Godd
Alu Godd Prije 5 dana
Every body gangsta until germany says 3rd times a charm
Hjalmar Prije 5 dana
I like how Sweden is just sitting in the middle not doing shit.
Alo Prije 5 dana
This is actually one of the ways I study for a WW2 test.
_ARTEMØS _ Prije 5 dana
what's the music called at 3:31?
Helen Ambrose
Helen Ambrose Prije 6 dana
Nazis: we are winning The winter: let’s play Nazi: NOOOOOOOO
František Düringer
František Düringer Prije 6 dana
Fun fact, in Tobruk with australian fight czechosloval too
Je pinkDream Music
Je pinkDream Music Prije 6 dana
Who thought Hitler's moustache was his mouth😂🙋
bozuka89 Prije 6 dana
"Admiral" Nimitz not General
Problematic Beats BG
Problematic Beats BG Prije 6 dana
Germany : Make yourself at home! Also Germany :Because when we come to your home you will be the guest!
Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini Prije 6 dana
I’m in Spain, I did not die, Italy just helped me fake my death so that I would not get captured by the allies
Dalton Elkins
Dalton Elkins Prije 6 dana
I learned so much more about the axis side in these video alone then in all my years of school...
Ozan Prije 6 dana
Wow. After so many times I watched this video, I just realized that there is a pickle in the Soviet Flag... o.O
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma Prije 6 dana
The colonized countries didn't supported Britain because Britain was ruling theirs territory made fake promises of freedom which he was promising since world war 1 no country would have supported Britain it just took advantage as he was ruling theirs territory.
Kavish Malakar
Kavish Malakar Prije 6 dana
We should honour the man who killed hitler.
Benjamin Hunter
Benjamin Hunter Prije 6 dana
Yewh that sounds like a good ide wait a minute
flavorTDP4 Prije 6 dana
連合軍側の悪事は表に出ず 枢軸軍側ばかり誇張され悪者にされる 連合軍側が勝手に決めた証拠もない歴史だ
JediSith Ewok
JediSith Ewok Prije 6 dana
Actually at least one of the carriers was heavily damaged but the HONOR OR DISONOR thing caused them to sink their own carriers to "not" let the allies capture them and use them.
The elite Crew
The elite Crew Prije 6 dana
World wars : happens Switzerland : hmmm interesting (or this is fine)
Nemesis12345 Prije 6 dana
Dr XPJ Prije 6 dana
The one American line “Here have some weapons”
ThisIsMadnessPeople Prije 6 dana
"On one beach, all they found was a french man handing out Champagne" the man was a madlad
Areg Mirzoyan
Areg Mirzoyan Prije 7 dana
Encirclement killed The Furher
HakuBird Prije 7 dana
Actually 3 polish men broke the German Enigma code yet the contribution of the 3 the tree is not widely recognized. You can easily search it up if you want. It was Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Różycki.
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