The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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MilkyWay, chicken, Studios nothing can bother me
MilkyWay, chicken, Studios nothing can bother me Prije 2 sati
_6:15__ the clip i was looking for_ 10:02 high ground ay?
Yaymon Prije 8 sati
Did you hear they’re making a sequel after the election
Can we get this channel to 0 subs?
Can we get this channel to 0 subs? Prije 14 sati
The dude who decided to shoot changed the course of human history forever.
HenrY BarrY
HenrY BarrY Prije 17 sati
He can make his subtitles easy cause he uses nordVPN
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Prije 18 sati
2:54 turn on captions lol
Arty McGee
Arty McGee Prije 18 sati
Hahahahaha they lost to untrained minutemen hahahahaha
Evyn Kinsey
Evyn Kinsey Prije 19 sati
That first 40 seconds ima have to sub
Sandra Devries
Sandra Devries Prije 19 sati
Here's a more simplified version of the American Revolution. British king was a greedy bitch and taxed Americas nuts off and America slapped him in the face and said time for independence
Rachel De Potato
Rachel De Potato Prije 20 sati
“Including, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Me and my Hamilton infiltrated brain: LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS WE FOUGHT FOR THESE IDEALS WE SHOULDN’T SETTLE FOR LESS!
tthreat23 Prije 20 sati
It is unconscionable that we celebrate Christopher Columbus.
Allie Dermody
Allie Dermody Prije 21 sat
Why 10,000 dislikes?!?!
Amina Ramzan
Amina Ramzan Prije 23 sati
Hey oversimplified the vikings didn't discover America the native Americans did lol
Ari Forman
Ari Forman Prije dan
Hmm watching a old video there’s gonna be a tax for that
pony centaur
pony centaur Prije dan
11:03 Dont you kink-shame the king!!
Adi Menon
Adi Menon Prije dan
funny how this is more clear and concise than my U.S history teacher
Lauren Bonner
Lauren Bonner Prije dan
How they should have introduced Washington: Ladies and gentlemen! The moment you've been waiting for! The pride of Mount Vernon! GEORGE WASHINGTON! Okay, I'll leave.
Terese Shaw
Terese Shaw Prije dan
The British did NOT go to war to protect the colonists.
alex lucic
alex lucic Prije 15 sati
Yes they did. Washington deliberately started the war to get the french out of America then they used propaganda against the British despite having the BEST lifestyle and life expectancy in the world.. The Americans were 6 inches taller than the British on average and had to pay 1/25th of the tax. Also the British freed 1/4 of African American slaves and 95% of Native Americans allied with them. History is written by the victors always remember that.. Hollywood history is bullshit
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prije dan
Wait this was 2 years ago... damn
Logan Prije dan
when your learning about the American Revolution in 4th Grade but you watch Oversimplified: *Sometimes, my genius, it's almost frightening*
I Will Never Stop Posting Vids Until I Get 250 Subs
I Will Never Stop Posting Vids Until I Get 250 Subs Prije dan
Hi poeple scrolling down Have a nice day:))
Yeet Nation420
Yeet Nation420 Prije dan
Me in 8th grade just learning about this
a seven deadly sins fan
a seven deadly sins fan Prije dan
Alot of youtubers in the comments
Nicole Hinojosa
Nicole Hinojosa Prije dan
This was great... thank you ... I needed the laugh!!
OllieSutton Prije dan
There will never be a better plug for a game them that
Cheater Cheetah
Cheater Cheetah Prije dan
Oversimplified is the best way to learn history
Johann Pernia-Fulleros
Johann Pernia-Fulleros Prije dan
Yago Tamames Devis
Yago Tamames Devis Prije 2 dana
I want to point out that although funny, its not quite accurate why Columbus went to America, he wanted to show that you could travel around the world to reach India, BECAUSE the traditional way wwas controlled by the ottomans who where not very friends of catholic Europe in general, to say the least, and the profit of that route disappeared, so as merchant as he was, Columbus wanted to open again another route to that profitable comerceland that was India and that's why he go in the first place, he indeed though that when he arrived to New Spain, it was India, it didn't took him much time to realize he wasn't in India and that he discovered a new land and the potencial riches it had, and then the king and queen shouted "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!"
Tyypa Prije 2 dana
GW: OMG i’m so honor for this job! Everyone: you’ve been wearing an army suit for 10 months
Shadowwing Prije 2 dana
I swear I literally could watch this 100 times and it would still be funny
Sachin Kashyap
Sachin Kashyap Prije 2 dana
Chinese revolution
George Washington
George Washington Prije 2 dana
I remember this
Tanisha Ahmed
Tanisha Ahmed Prije 2 dana
Coulombs is uncool for stealing people.
Dawson Bills
Dawson Bills Prije 2 dana
Hey oversimplified you should do a video on the Vietnam war.
pro gamer noobs
pro gamer noobs Prije 2 dana
pro gamer noobs
pro gamer noobs Prije 2 dana
Thomas Sawyer
Thomas Sawyer Prije 2 dana
Didn’t Christopher Columbus dying when he got to America?
ⰎⰋⰕⰜⰑⰓⰡⰁ225 Prije dan
Daniel Bailon
Daniel Bailon Prije 2 dana
Man. . . Your good at history events you should be my teacher
Amtrak Prije 2 dana
I’m learning about the revolution so I’m technically cheating...
hi my name is potato
hi my name is potato Prije 2 dana
acutely since people were already living in America technically neither the Vikings Columbus discovered America
Racer Nick
Racer Nick Prije 2 dana
Sorry but no, I can not not
*Itz_ya_boii-eLiAs *
*Itz_ya_boii-eLiAs * Prije 2 dana
Not my teacher showing us this in history class rn 🤭
Dinky Virgin
Dinky Virgin Prije 2 dana
It is weird as a Briton and a consistent viewer of your channel I know that the colour red is ment to represent the bad guys. Interesting since as was rooting for red the whole time.
Dinky Virgin
Dinky Virgin Prije 2 dana
boston massacre sounds like bloody sunday but before its time
Toeh Prije 2 dana
i'm having a history test in 15 minutes.... Hope this works lol
i subscribed and i love gheography
wow this is cool
S DiGi
S DiGi Prije 2 dana
My teacher played this for our class
Brigham Hofmann
Brigham Hofmann Prije 3 dana
All the Hamilton fans be like you forgot Hamilton and his crew
Mama Katz
Mama Katz Prije 3 dana
I really like this and would love to use it in my teaching BUT, two things: It’s too fast for young minds and there’s some saucy language. It’s unfortunate because this is well done in every other way. Consider making changes? Pleeeeease!
The Coconut Master
The Coconut Master Prije 3 dana
Let’s be honest. If you didn’t watch this more than once...
Squid 8 The YOLO SWAGER Prije 3 dana
I learned more about history in this one video than my entire year I APUSH
Gabriel Ocena YT 300
Gabriel Ocena YT 300 Prije 3 dana
I laughed so much
José Torres
José Torres Prije 3 dana
Americans: Let's declare independence and freedom ! Vietnamese: Let's declare independence and freedom ! Americans: Wait that's illegal !
PickleRick Ahstly
PickleRick Ahstly Prije 3 dana
This guys promotion is so smooth.if it was a table and I slide butter on it the butter would turn into a bullet.
Arhya Banerji
Arhya Banerji Prije 3 dana
Wow this makes a lot of sence
Judah Pronk
Judah Pronk Prije 3 dana
king George: IM GONA KICK YOUR ASS. John Adams: he's gona lick my... ew
Judah Pronk
Judah Pronk Prije 3 dana
this guy makes learning history funny and fun but also easy, simple, and understandable, and i love it!
Tisi21 Prije 3 dana
Actually, Colombus died thinking he get into india
TURKEY DABS Prije 3 dana
10:59 lolol
Γιώργος Τσουγιας
Γιώργος Τσουγιας Prije 3 dana
When Britaaaiiin fiiiirst at heeeaaveeens commaaand......
Triple alliance
Triple alliance Prije 3 dana
Yes, us British would start a war over tea
Anita Burgess
Anita Burgess Prije 3 dana
I love these...My only concern is that some of the language choices are not suitable for middle school...
D I E T W A T E R Prije 3 dana
Go to 4:39 pause and read the captions 🤣🤣
lando. 4ever
lando. 4ever Prije 3 dana
6:43 Oversimplified: Johnny A Me, a Hamilton fan: "President John Adams? Good luck!"
Brian Meyer
Brian Meyer Prije 4 dana
Best channel
Shaunak Vinayak Gade
Shaunak Vinayak Gade Prije 4 dana
nice video
Louis Caca-torze
Louis Caca-torze Prije 4 dana
Congratulations! You won a seven-years war! Here is your reward : Pay 103681 Pound Sterling
Starman Joestar
Starman Joestar Prije 4 dana
How does this guy get 27 million views yet still has 3 million subs?
Water Reviews
Water Reviews Prije 4 dana
Bruh, The Americans were in the wrong
Voke Adjuya
Voke Adjuya Prije 4 dana
using this video for my research essay, does anyone know the name of the commentator???
Human 001
Human 001 Prije 4 dana
I watched this in class
Julia Ali
Julia Ali Prije 4 dana
I FINALLY UNDERSTAND!! (yall im so stupid lololol)
Luca Shapiro
Luca Shapiro Prije 4 dana
"It's treason, then..." Star Wars refrence?
A.Calliou Prije 4 dana
I wonder why King George thought it was a smart idea to tax your colonies even tho you just made the colonies??????
Fruity_Feline Prije 4 dana
The Hamilfans have taken over the comment section and as a fellow Hamilfan I am overjoyed
Jayden Sipes
Jayden Sipes Prije 4 dana
5th grade history teacher: ok class we will learn about revolutionary war. Oversimplified: YOU DARE APOSE ME MORTALS
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger Prije 4 dana
My one critique is that for the Boston Massacre he didn’t mention Crispus Attucks
Sunny Prije 4 dana
Thx. Helped for my eight grade history class
Mahdy Mortuza
Mahdy Mortuza Prije 4 dana
Me(when you guys dont like my comments): Dude..... Uncool.
FunkyGamingHD Prije 4 dana
mandem uses the luxembourg flag instead of the dutch flag lmaoo (1:53)
Spencer Kowallis
Spencer Kowallis Prije 4 dana
Nelofar Mirzada
Nelofar Mirzada Prije 4 dana
This is not how it worked king gorge just wanted money and people (13 colneys) wanted to stop and they did not perfect them from the French at all
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer Prije 4 dana
Roselyn Costorio
Roselyn Costorio Prije 5 dana
He's hilarious! 😂😂😂
Cody Roper
Cody Roper Prije 5 dana
JosherIsFun Prije 5 dana
Dude, uncool :(
MinecraftMadness Prije 5 dana
America and Britan: "The shot heard around the world" Austrailia: "Blimey did you hear that New Zealand?" NZ: "yeah"
T4NK. Prije 5 dana
He has better segways than Linus tech tips
Govx Prije 5 dana
This just helped me complete a social study assignment
Kanibelazy 05
Kanibelazy 05 Prije 5 dana
12:07 Basically most of the forefathers
Nicholas Bowman
Nicholas Bowman Prije 5 dana
We should just practice the stamp act today in our times, since everything gets taxed
Topcookies109 Prije 6 dana
HRpost: puts 5 ads in one video King. George: WHAT. THE. FU-
Dess NG
Dess NG Prije 6 dana
Why he talk like Stewie Griffin in the beginning...lmao
Brad Rullman
Brad Rullman Prije 6 dana
It's "hanged" but yeah pretty much.
ike riskal
ike riskal Prije 6 dana
i hate vikings 😡😡
Gam3r Geree
Gam3r Geree Prije 6 dana
0:56 now that's a way to do an add. I'm impressed
Viper Playz
Viper Playz Prije 6 dana
This is probably the best oversimplified video out there Classic oversimplified jokes (dude, uncool) and lots of funny moments And it was well made too
Calvin Lui Kurniawan
Calvin Lui Kurniawan Prije 6 dana
10:31 Butt meme
Calvin Lui Kurniawan
Calvin Lui Kurniawan Prije 6 dana
The people in the image of the video is cute lol XD edit: Soooo....he is george washington? He is cuuute
Aarón Mariscal
Aarón Mariscal Prije 6 dana
Just of bunch of white dudes trying to fight on who gets to steal the Native Land. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
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