The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Joshua Chapman
Joshua Chapman Prije 5 minuta
I like how when he talks he pretty much just bickers with himself
Thomaz Neuber
Thomaz Neuber Prije 49 minuta
18:39 26:44 All hurry up Marthas
ludger will gaster
ludger will gaster Prije 2 sati
Got it wrong.....north were republicans and south was democimmmies
soup meat
soup meat Prije 5 sati
So democrats supported slavery
Sablo Escowanshum
Sablo Escowanshum Prije 6 sati
Why is nobody talking about how cool John Brown is
Quarks and stuff by L.C
Quarks and stuff by L.C Prije 6 sati
Egg 🥚
John Evan Rollinas
John Evan Rollinas Prije 12 sati
Is cool
John Evan Rollinas
John Evan Rollinas Prije 12 sati
Yeah i think abraham lincon
John Evan Rollinas
John Evan Rollinas Prije 12 sati
I learned so much history
James Chen
James Chen Prije 14 sati
Rebuttal hahahhahhhahahhaha
Anthony Lucas
Anthony Lucas Prije 14 sati
Your welcome -Missouri
James Chen
James Chen Prije 14 sati
Among us
Julian Santiago
Julian Santiago Prije 15 sati
Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents
GAMING 101 Prije 15 sati
philipine history pls
Voyager, Keep Going
Voyager, Keep Going Prije 15 sati
13:42 anyone’s*
juan pablo gonzalez
juan pablo gonzalez Prije 17 sati
devil may cry 5
Hunter Pietrzak
Hunter Pietrzak Prije 17 sati
Meme alert My teacher: you don’t know anything of wars Me that’s addicted to oversimplifyed: oh I don’t think so
Curtis Lowe
Curtis Lowe Prije 19 sati
If you're going to use Queen Victoria for a gag you should have added an aside to identify how much the English government spent in the 1830s to buy and free the slaves throughout the Empire.
leth reavis
leth reavis Prije 21 sat
monster hunter world
Elizabeth Paul
Elizabeth Paul Prije 22 sati
Got that Goodfellas reference
August Violette
August Violette Prije 23 sati
idk maine looks kind THICC also more like a shining beacon of nukes
Marcus Donahue
Marcus Donahue Prije 23 sati
The military industrial complex oversimplified, please
ralsei cat
ralsei cat Prije 23 sati
Republicans then: - strong bois - against slavery - fight the slave owners republicans now - mY bOdY mY cHoIce - “TRUMP 2020”
Voyager, Keep Going
Voyager, Keep Going Prije 15 sati
Wym “my body my choice”?
adom addo
adom addo Prije dan
you are the b est
ragini raj
ragini raj Prije dan
Why didn't Lincoln adopt the emancipation strategy from the start?? If he hated slavery so much, he could have gone to war on it.
Dennis Guckin
Dennis Guckin Prije dan
Andrew Jackson dem socialist haven't changed one bit
Wilton Nisbeth Jr.
Wilton Nisbeth Jr. Prije dan
The GoodFellas Joe Pesci reference was epic
Tragic Mike
Tragic Mike Prije dan
I don't get why people try to us slavery against the US when it had been going on all over the world throughout the majority of history with victims from every race, just cuz we participated in the way of the world at the time, instead of giving us credit for ending it.
Godslayer 5658
Godslayer 5658 Prije 12 sati
Tragic Mike But we didn’t end it? It’s still being used today, sure not by us, but by many other countries. Also the fact that US broke up, fought a civil war over it, and one side fought till the very end to keep says a lot. Plus we kept it much longer than most countries, The U.K, France, Russia, Spain, Portugal along with many others had abolished it long before the US did, and guess what, they didn’t have to fight a war because many in the country still believed in Slavery.
Dave Hallett
Dave Hallett Prije dan
Who was abra hamlin coln s first vice president. It ll blow your tiny mind
ItsTroy Gaming
ItsTroy Gaming Prije dan
Were Done is Rhyme to Verdun
Maxwell Liu
Maxwell Liu Prije dan
steven standifer
steven standifer Prije dan
But when I tell niggas Lincoln would have kept slavery dispite winning the war if he could have. They don’t believe me.
Thx Tex
Thx Tex Prije dan
4:41 yeeee haaaa
Ark God 24
Ark God 24 Prije dan
What is this music at time 21:03
• DaAvocadoGamer •
• DaAvocadoGamer • Prije dan
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Jazzyww Prije dan
This is education but better
Luke Arrington
Luke Arrington Prije dan
I am rewatching this and I didn’t realize that at 6:14 there is a black dude with a lamp shade on his head like that one porn
:SYN OF LIBERTY: Prije dan
Imagine how godly Abe would've been at playing Among Us.
Sebastian Salinas
Sebastian Salinas Prije dan
they could of also used huny
ßucknełł płaysʕ•̫͡•ʔ
ßucknełł płaysʕ•̫͡•ʔ Prije dan
Maine actually went at war with Massachusetts for freedom
I’m very Hungry.Cartel
I’m very Hungry.Cartel Prije dan
Am I the only guy I got the Goodfellas reference
Isaac Vasquez
Isaac Vasquez Prije dan
8:16 was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever heard
7:40-7:45 :) hahahaha
Jigsjigz Prije dan
alot of democrats antifa and loonies wont like this video. they still think the democrats freed the slaves or they "switched"
TsengMangaArt YT
TsengMangaArt YT Prije dan
Lincoln used nord vpn to book travel places and avoid assassins
Arty McGee
Arty McGee Prije dan
If I could buy slave I would buy them set them free up the north
Blue Mask
Blue Mask Prije dan
Wrong... Willie was killed by a vampire using a electric boogaloo
Toby Twist
Toby Twist Prije dan
ron fan
ron fan Prije 2 dana
You know that abraham linkin wanted to send the blacks back to africa but jhon wilks both shot abe before it happend
Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab
Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab Prije dan
So are you saying Lincoln is a racist lol
Craig Stoker
Craig Stoker Prije 2 dana
South 🤝 North OverSimplified Fans ⚔ Simple history Fans
[EM] Extinction
[EM] Extinction Prije 2 dana
Me: has a civil war curriculum Also me: goes to OverSimplified Also Also me: Gets 100s on all tests My friends: HOW Me: I'm just Supremely Uncool ig
Sooraj Thomas Mathews
Sooraj Thomas Mathews Prije 2 dana
Seems like Lincoln and Trump have some things in common.
Benito Juarez
Benito Juarez Prije 2 dana
Ehh good job mi amigo lincoln
Drew Flynn
Drew Flynn Prije 2 dana
6:14 I’ve watched this at least three times and I’m just now noticing the lamp reference
GoEasy Prije 2 dana
why are they showing the democratic side apposing slavery when its the opposite??
GoEasy Prije dan
@Godslayer 5658 ahhh nvm smol brain moment haha.
GoEasy Prije dan
@Godslayer 5658 3:32 it shows the south being the slave states when the south was the one fighting against the expansion of slavery.
Godslayer 5658
Godslayer 5658 Prije dan
GoEasy Are you talking about the colors he used on the map like all the other idiots are? He uses the blue and red color scheme in all of his videos. Blue is the eventual winner, and red is the eventual loser.
museoil Prije 2 dana
that poetry is actually a joke
Goldabloone Prije 2 dana
God. why is there so many idiots here who think Lincoln was racist and the north was racist Bet you all will also say John Brown was racist
Sketchy Art
Sketchy Art Prije 2 dana
OK I love this video but I don’t think Thomas Jefferson would condemn slavery he was a terrible man and owned a fuck ton of slaves some of which he’d have “relations” with
EvilGramCrackr 29
EvilGramCrackr 29 Prije 2 dana
Just as Ulysses S. Grant said "Umconditional Surrender Grant!" I immediately got an ad that said "no"
Buddy Reynolds
Buddy Reynolds Prije 2 dana
So in this video the Republicans are blue and the Democrats are red huh...way to slant history...
Voyager, Keep Going
Voyager, Keep Going Prije 15 sati
@DevilDelirious No they weren’t, parties never switched
Jon Omega
Jon Omega Prije 23 sati
@DevilDelirious but still, democrats were the ones who supported slavery
DevilDelirious Prije dan
@Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab okay? Yeah the confederates were the bad guys, they wanted to keep fucking slavery
Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab
Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab Prije dan
I’m sure it doesn’t take a very high iq to understand why he made republicans blue and democrats red it’s very common to see people put the good guys in blue and the bad guys in red
DevilDelirious Prije 2 dana
The parties were opposite back then...
Bryan Campos
Bryan Campos Prije 2 dana
Henry Hill and a funny how, curious the two came up in this video
Jojo Smith
Jojo Smith Prije 2 dana
Dingus how about wendingus
Heavy Is big war hero
Heavy Is big war hero Prije 2 dana
Here's a cooler name for Grant: "river man" Grant
Phy5ali5 Prije 2 dana
Brent Christian
Brent Christian Prije 2 dana
How to restore screen size - step one uninstall google
Kaci Talasek Richard
Kaci Talasek Richard Prije 2 dana
SonSkylerArt Prije 2 dana
Lincoln: “A house divided cannot stand” Jesus: ...dude, VERY cool!
Nicholas Green
Nicholas Green Prije 2 dana
Na Ha Ha Ta
Starski Studios
Starski Studios Prije 2 dana
There is a great show about John brown by the name of the good lord bird I high suggest it
Winged Hussar
Winged Hussar Prije 2 dana
But Oversimplified, the Confederates didn't fight the Union, the Vikings did
Shadow Burn
Shadow Burn Prije 3 dana
So....if the Confederency would have won the slavey will be till this day ?
Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab
Idontknowhowtochangemyname Hdhsgab Prije dan
Starboy The Legend
Starboy The Legend Prije 3 dana
Wowie Abraham Lincoln just found out the judge where’s girl underwear
Partylizard Prije 3 dana
This is now part of school curriculums
Daniel Phung
Daniel Phung Prije 3 dana
Can you please do one how the USA has a swap btw the 2 major parties
Calderoh Prije 3 dana
Lenin believes cereal is a soup
Liam the Dragon slayer
Liam the Dragon slayer Prije 3 dana
Yay Canada
yussack yussack
yussack yussack Prije 3 dana
hahaha a bright full moon
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger Prije 3 dana
3:11 its ironic that the cotton gin made slavery boom, when its whole purpose was to make slavery obsolete because the cotton gin would make everything easier
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger Prije 3 dana
Even though he voices every character in his videos, they all sound different as in it isn't the same voice for everyone
Jesse Confino
Jesse Confino Prije 3 dana
Abe was an incredible racist this is all wrong
Goldabloone Prije 2 dana
Ladies and gentlemen.. Our dear abe is racist I applaud you for making your own history
Oka namora Miolo.
Oka namora Miolo. Prije 3 dana
Why? Just provide me a link, to your statement.
Acm Network
Acm Network Prije 3 dana
Dude they didn’t steal them from their home in Africa they were traded
Ethan Productions
Ethan Productions Prije 3 dana
_wait what the fuck I didn’t say that._ -Abraham Lincoln
Ethan Prije 3 dana
Best start of all videos! :D
Eli Lepak
Eli Lepak Prije 3 dana
A debilitated chicken, OverSimplified, would make the US look foolish and stupid, so I would rather keep the bald eagle.
father of 2
father of 2 Prije 3 dana
Nobody: Lincoln bring born: B A C K F L I P go brrrrrr
Brent Christian
Brent Christian Prije 2 dana
Sfs gamer
Sfs gamer Prije 3 dana
16:05 why George Washington is there I thought his dead at that time
Sfs gamer
Sfs gamer Prije 3 dana
@Oka namora Miolo. Dude super uncool
Oka namora Miolo.
Oka namora Miolo. Prije 3 dana
@Sfs gamer so i guess, you're still cringe.
Sfs gamer
Sfs gamer Prije 3 dana
@Oka namora Miolo. And I don't care
Oka namora Miolo.
Oka namora Miolo. Prije 3 dana
@Sfs gamer stop liking your own comment, it's cringe
mei wang
mei wang Prije 3 dana
it was a joke
sylvie Christensen
sylvie Christensen Prije 3 dana
though this is mostly correct, the northern states cloth factories required cotton from the south.
Maximus Morg
Maximus Morg Prije 3 dana
Jomari Lopez
Jomari Lopez Prije 3 dana
Coletheman02 Prije 3 dana
did you see th newspaper after sumer was caned? sumner: "dude.............................................uncool!"
Celia Magwood
Celia Magwood Prije 3 dana
We are still a divided chicken 🐓
Bay boy Yeets
Bay boy Yeets Prije 3 dana
I got a black lives matter add while watching this
beezelbub Prije 3 dana
R.I.P Willie Lincoln.
Alfonso CC
Alfonso CC Prije 3 dana
Funny how you have always tried to justify this war on slavery when it was all an economic issue on customs duties imposed by the recent industrialized northern states that could not accept southern states buying cheaper products abroad for their big exploiting lands. Never was slavery an issue up north nor south until 1863, when north seeing they wouldnt win war so easily had to inject a little moral to their big army.. When you lie and forget your history you are condemned to repeat it.. and guess what the big issue in the US is nowadays....
Smooth Yoda
Smooth Yoda Prije dan
what you follow is the lost cause myth. also as stated in the confederate constitution " the federal governments imposement on slavery is a breach of our freedom". this myth was created by the kkk members who were trying to recreate the confederacy
Alfonso CC
Alfonso CC Prije 3 dana
@Beanos Wazowski apologies thats 1863 obviously
Beanos Wazowski
Beanos Wazowski Prije 3 dana
The Mindset
The Mindset Prije 3 dana
20:00 good goodfellas reference
Just a casual christian • 29 years ago
Just a casual christian • 29 years ago Prije 3 dana
Its kind of sad that I understood the topic better here than three homework assignments of articles on the topic in class
Ivan Kwok
Ivan Kwok Prije 3 dana
Onetrucksizedsalmon Prije 4 dana
Plot twist: when the soldiers shot stonewall when he came back to camp they actually shot Ulysses S Grant at him who had shrunk to bullet size
gbesimg Prije 4 dana
I wish u were my history teacher😂
SuperRookieXX 123
SuperRookieXX 123 Prije 4 dana
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